Welcome to the ClearFoundation documentation system. This is the place to find User Guides, Release Information, Howtos, and Developer Documentation. You may also want to read over Web Site Guides to help you navigate the available online tools and the ClearFoundation website.

User Guides

The User Guide contains information on installing, configuring, and managing a ClearOS system. ClearCenter has created the ClearOS Enterprise User Guides and Video Tutorials. You can find these reference materials on

Release Information

Release Information provides important material about the various ClearOS versions. These notes provide important information that may save you hours of frustration. You do read the release notes, right?


A number of Howtos are available for customizing your ClearOS system.


You can find more information about the ClearFoundation groups in this section of the documentation:


A number of initiatives are underway and this is where you can find out more:

Web Site Help

Need help with using some of the tools on the web site? The best place to start is with the ClearFoundation Web Site Guide. You will also find help with specific web applications running on including important information for documentation editors.

Man Pages

For reference, the Man Pages (System Manual Pages) are available.

Developer Guides

This section of the documentation is intended for developers, power users, beta testers, and anyone who needs to scratch an itch.

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