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TOPIC: Intermittent connection
Intermittent connection 5 Years ago  
Hello, I have been running ClearOS for about 2 months now and all has been fine up until now. The issue i am having is intermittent internet connectivity, every couple minutes all devices on the network will lose there connection to the internet, internal traffic is not affected. This has been going on for about a week now and i am unable to find the cause. When i move one pc out from behind the router and use a static public ip i do not have these problems leading me to beleive that it must be something with the router.

I have also rebooted all devices on the network, including switches to try and rule any other possible complications out of the mix.

Chris Schwemin
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Re:Intermittent connection 5 Years ago  
Hi Chris,

There can be many reasons why this happens, so all I can do is try to mention some possible issues that might give you an idea about what to investigate from my own experience.

  • Did you bridge your modem/router or did you create virtual servers on it ... ?!?
    When virtual servers have been created try to make it just one with all ports (1 - 65535) pointing to the external NIC.

  • Check if any automated updates have been done since the problems started in f.e.
    Reports -> System - logs

  • Check if the logs are not getting "too" large and if there is "enough" free space on the partitions.
    When you know where to look, check the contents of the logs to see what could cause this.

  • That's it for now and maybe with your feedback it will be possible to pinpoint the cause of this issue.


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    Re:Intermittent connection 4 Years, 8 Months ago  
    Hello all,
    I've got similar problem. I've got ClearOS 5.2 (with updates) in a gateway mode. It has 2 Internet connection (as Multi-WAN) and LAN. After booting PC (Linux, Windows XP/Vista/7) only LAN is working. After pinging gateway and some Internet addresses hosts gain Internet access and from now on everything works fine. But if computer is left inactive (or restarted) Internet access is lost (while LAN still works). I'm not running any servers on ClearOS (there was httpd, mysql, ftp for a moment). I haven't seen anything suspicious in logs. IPS and IDS are running. I'd be grateful for any ideas how to fix it.
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    The topic has been locked.
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