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ClearOS ClearFoundation and ClearCenter have moved to the new website ClearOS.com (https://clearos.com). We are making this change in order to improve search and exposure of ClearOS to the world. There are several improvements that are being made and some that are still on the table for development. The forums are now live on clearos.com and locked on this site until all the redirects are in place. If you have issues using the new site, feel free to ask on the #clearfoundation room in IRC chat on freenode.net or engage with a chat agent on the site if they are around. Our goal is to complete this step so that we can be properly ready for the types of communication that will be essential for the release of ClearOS 7!
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SSLVPN 3 Years, 3 Months ago  

We have been a long time user supporter of SSL-Explorer laterer ADITO / OPENVPN ALS

OPENVPN ALS is to my knowledge a dead project by now, we and lots of others still run and use it daily tho.
I strongly think that incoroprating SSLVP as a module would greatly add value to ClearOS
Problem is that the team behind OPENVPN ALS is not aviable to help.
But if the ClearOSl team could put in the time I think it would be well spent, mattock from the old team would prob be aviable to assist... ( Wouldn't you?)
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