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Problems with PDC/BDC Setup
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TOPIC: Problems with PDC/BDC Setup
Problems with PDC/BDC Setup 3 Years, 2 Months ago  
I need some help guys,

I have been able to follow the HOW-TO guide to setup the PDC and BDC. The LDAP on the BDC is synched with the master and I can see all the user accounts and machine accounts. However, while proceeding with the rest of the instructions in the manual, I ran into an error which says: "Unable to find a suitable server for domain CENTRALTRUCK"

Note that the Windows Networking is STOPPED on the second server (BDC).

Here's a printout of the error:


[root@server3 ~]# ldapsetup -f
What is the role of this server (standalone, master, replicate)?: replicate
What is your domain (e.g. example.com)?: centraltruck.lan
What is the hostname of the master LDAP server?:
Specify the master LDAP password?: The following settings will be used to set up LDAP

Role:     replicate
Domain:   centraltruck.lan
Password: ****************

Shutting down SMB services: [  OK  ]
Stopping slapd: [  OK  ]
Starting slapd: [  OK  ]
Stopping ldapsync: [  OK  ]
Starting ldapsync: [  OK  ]
[root@server3 ~]# touch /etc/system/initialized/sambalocal
[root@server3 ~]# service winbind start
Starting Winbind services:                                 [  OK  ]
[root@server3 ~]# smbpasswd -w securepassword
Setting stored password for "cn=manager,cn=internal,dc=centraltruck,dc=lan" in secrets.tdb
[root@server3 ~]# net rpc getsid CENTRALTRUCK
Unable to find a suitable server for domain CENTRALTRUCK
[root@server3 ~]# net rpc getsid MYDOMAIN
Unable to find a suitable server for domain CENTRALTRUCK

Additionally, something strange is happening. The net rpc getsid command doesn't work on the BDC unless I add the IP address of the PDC.........why is this?


[root@server3 ~]# net rpc getsid CENTRALTRUCK
Unable to find a suitable server for domain CENTRALTRUCK


[root@server3 ~]# net rpc getsid CENTRALTRUCK -I
Storing SID S-1-5-21-2983252645-957758320-1681478634 for Domain CENTRALTRUCK in secrets.tdb

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