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This is where you can find ClearOS and ClearFoundation logos of various types and sizes.

ClearOS | Branding & Identity
IconClearOS | Community Style Guide PDF  details4.11MB32245
IconClearOS | Icon XXS GIF  details5.64KB10119
IconClearOS | Icon XXS JPG  details5.68KB8596
IconClearOS | Icon XXS PNG  details8.97KB7328
IconClearOS | Icon XS GIF  details8.95KB6078
IconClearOS | Icon XS JPG  details8.96KB6628
IconClearOS | Icon XS PNG  details19.54KB6400
IconClearOS | Icon S GIF  details23.77KB6068
IconClearOS | Icon S JPG  details22.4KB7760
IconClearOS | Icon S PNG  details67.09KB6359
IconClearOS | Icon M GIF  details63.72KB5913
IconClearOS | Icon M JPG  details49.97KB6170
IconClearOS | Icon M PNG  details192.55KB6286
IconClearOS | Icon L GIF  details120.14KB5909
IconClearOS | Icon L JPG  details81.82KB6209
IconClearOS | Icon L PNG  details361.67KB6259
IconClearOS | Icon XL GIF  details184.59KB5945
IconClearOS | Icon XL JPG  details117.26KB6566
IconClearOS | Icon XL PNG  details467.536917
IconClearOS History Timeline  details30.54KB6326
IconClearOS Server Rack Comparison  details44,09KB8006
IconCloud Services  details54.54KB7602

ClearFoundation | Branding & Identity
IconClearFoundation | Community Style Guide PDF  details9.28MB10710
IconClearFoundation | Marks Style Guide PDF  details94.53KB7202
IconClearFoundation | Icon XXS GIF  details6.13KB6116
IconClearFoundation | Icon XXS JPG  details6.46KB7197
IconClearFoundation | Icon XXS PNG  details9.81KB5790
IconClearFoundation | Icon XS GIF  details9.76KB5736
IconClearFoundation | Icon XS JPG  details11.02KB5772
IconClearFoundation | Icon XS PNG  details20.87KB5682
IconClearFoundation | Icon S GIF  details24.18KB5733
IconClearFoundation | Icon S JPG  details28.02KB5707
IconClearFoundation | Icon S PNG  details69.09KB6695
IconClearFoundation | Icon M GIF  details60.01KB5573
IconClearFoundation | Icon M JPG  details60.21KB5758
IconClearFoundation | Icon M PNG  details201.24KB5691
IconClearFoundation | Icon L GIF  details112.39KB5673
IconClearFoundation | Icon L JPG  details98.28KB5659
IconClearFoundation | Icon L PNG  details418.8KB5702
IconClearFoundation | Icon XL GIF  details174.84KB5596
IconClearFoundation | Icon XL JPG  details144.02KB5944
IconClearFoundation | Icon XL PNG  details684.47KB6098
IconClearFoundation | Community Design Elements PDF  details9.26MB8450
IconClearFoundation | Community Design Elements EPS  details24.43MB6063

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