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Software ClearOS Core Overview

ClearOS Core Overview

Rebuild Of A Prominent North American Linux Distribution

What is ClearOS Core?

ClearOS Core is an enterprise Linux distribution for server and desktop environments. It is a free and open source rebuild of a prominent North American Linux distribution. The goal is to provide near binary equivalency and functionality that exists in an upstream distribution, including bugs. Additionally, ClearFoundation strives to release versions, updates and patches in a timely and professional manner (the goal for updates is 48 hours or less). Most of the source code in ClearOS Core is GPL. ClearFoundation reserves all rights on its own service marks, trademarks and graphics not specifically designated as open source.

ClearOS Core is the result of the hard work of many individuals worldwide who have given their time and talent to open source. ClearFoundation is grateful for the dedicated efforts of our upstream sources provider. ClearFoundation is not affiliated, associated or supported by the company which produces the upstream prominent North American Linux distribution or the Fedora™ Project. ClearOS Core is built from publicly available and open source SRPMS and as such it is an alternative and not an exact replacement to the prominent North American Linux distribution.

ClearOS Core is the base for ClearOS Enterprise. It is intended for advanced Linux administrators who want a high level of scalability and control over their Linux environments.


How do I get it?

ClearOS Core (Alpha) will initially be released as an ISO version 6.1 for the x86_64 platform. This constitutes ClearOS Core Server 6.1 Alpha (x86_64). The torrent can be downloaded here. Other platforms and versions will be released soon as ISOs and RPMs.

How Can I Contribute

To help out please visit the ClearFoundation forums or IRC chatroom ( #clearfoundation). To contribute to ClearOS Core please sign up to help or donate mirrors to assist with deployment.


Some non-functioning, open source elements exist in this Alpha release. Please do not, for example, attempt to register ClearOS Core with RHN.

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