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Software ClearOS Roadmap

ClearOS | Roadmap

Welcome to the ClearOS Roadmap!  There are some exciting initiatives happening within the ClearFoundation, so please look around and discover what's in store.

Though the ClearFoundation is a new initiative, much of the underlying software and tools have been around for nearly a decade.  With the an extensive list of features already in place, we can now spend more resources making the ClearOS platform stronger and better.  The long term development focus is to:

  1. Develop and maintain a strong, secure and rock solid core system -- we are avoiding feature creep!
  2. Provide a flexible environment for developers to add features -- see web application framework for details

The community and development talent do a great job at integrating and developing the best of breed technologies and innovative designs.  That talent is guided by a global and diverse group of people including leaders in open source world.  Buckle your seat belt, it is going to be a fun ride!

Below you'll find the features and initiatives under development.  Please keep in mind that the roadmap is not set in stone -- we always run into speedbumps along the way!  The ClearFoundation community drives the software roadmap, so tell us what you want next!  Check out our forums or email us at wishlist@clearfoundation.com.

For the technically minded, you can also look at the detailed technical roadmap.

Roadmap - Version 6.x

Name Expected Release
64-bit release
LDAP replication
Google Apps integration
Zarafa integration
CentOS 6.x base Done
Web application framework
Kaspersky integration
Windows BDC support
Support for 3rd party and community modulesDone
Active Directory
Wireless support (hostapd)
Virtualization server solution
Samba 4 support
Home edition
Improved support for 3rd party and community modules 6.x
Backup to local file system or node


Along with the feature roadmap, we also have a few initiatives that impact large parts of the ClearOS system.

Name Expected Release
Improved usability
Initial phase starts in version 5.1
Improved and unified reporting
Initial framework to start in version 5.2
File auditing and version control