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Community Edition   Professional Edition

Google tells us that this download page is often the first page seen by a new visitor to ClearFoundation.  Well then... welcome! Before jumping to the download, here are some links to get started:


ClearCenter offers a commercially supported version of ClearOS called ClearOS Professional Edition. Feel free to give it a spin with the Download and 30-day Evaluation. Other helpful links:

Community versus Professional (on clearcenter.com)

ClearOS Community 6

Use the ISO image to burn a DVD, create a USB installer, or go through a full install on a virtual machine.

ISO Images Install Instructions
Download Size MD5Sum
32-bit 945 MB 431f635b580be70213d87f84f51070c9
64-bit 953 MB 45d29b3c57aa1d80179c67585c87e073

Quick Links

ClearOS 5.2

Looking for the 5.2 release? You can download it here:

Test and Legacy Releases

If you are looking for legacy or test release, please visit the release information page.


SVN and CVS are the most useful places to find source code. Well, the relevant ClearOS stuff at least: diffs, logs, comments, etc. You can also find all the source RPMs on the mirrors. The legacy 5.x source RPMs are on legacy servers here.