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Marc Laporte replied to the topic Re:Please consider moving to Bootstrap or Foundation at the next theme revamp in the forums.

For the record, ClearOS migration to Bootstrap is in the works:

tharok: Indeed, reducing the number of hard to maintain image files is a very good thing. SVG or fonts can be used for scalable icons that you can apply styles to (ex.: colors). Here is a page with a bunch of links & discussions on the topic: themes.tiki.org/Icons+SVG+or+Fonts

I am involved with SVG-edit, so I would love to have all the icons editable via the browser:

Best regards,

03:15 PM
Peter Baldwin replied to the topic Re:WordPress for ClearOS in the forums.
Keith Osburn wrote:
Is there a way to change the install location of the webroot? I would like my wordpress to install at the base of the FQDN.... /var/www/html
Sorry for the delay - I was on holiday for most of the last couple of weeks

You can access WordPress via a hostname (e.g. wordpress.example.org) or a folder name. It would be nice to have a way to make it the default web site though (e.g. www.example.org). We're hoping to get that done before the final release.
08:49 AM
Peter Baldwin replied to the topic Re:ClearOS 7 update in the forums.
Bianca & Werner wrote:
Do you guys by any chance know what the status is of the Samba4 MIT Kerberos integration? I can't find any definite answer - the closest I can find is this link: wiki.samba.org/index.php/Samba_Next_Goal...ive_Directory_Server
RHEL 7 still doesn't support Samba 4 in AD mode. That was a BIG disappointment. We're now investigating if it's possible to deploy Samba 4 even with the Kerberos library issue.
08:45 AM
Eric Beaurivage and Peter Baldwin are now connections 09:22 AM
Eric Beaurivage replied to the topic Re:ClearOS 6.x in Proxmox on Dedicated server with /32 subnet in the forums.
I think some of you have already figured this but this could also maybe help other people.

To be able to configure your virtual server at OVH in bridge mode you need to comment the "GATEWAYDEV" parameter in '/etc/sysconfig/network' after having followed their guide. Please see this issue number on the bug tracker for more details:


After that change you won't be able to change the "eth0" settings via the web interface because ClearOS will set the 'GATEWAYDEV' parameter on an update.
08:11 AM
2 days ago
Peter Baldwin created a new topic ClearOS 7 update in the forums.
So what's the status of ClearOS 7?

Right now, we have an alpha version floating around to bootstrap the development and testing process. We're hoping to have a public beta available in October, but that depends on the following roadblocks:

- The complexity involved for customizing the installer/ISO build process
- Having EPEL for RHEL 7 out of beta, or at least closer to final than right now
- Making sure other upstream vendors (e.g. Zarafa) are either supporting or close to supporting RHEL 7

The good news with the development process is that the code base for ClearOS 6 and 7 will be identical. Yes, a few tweaks are required here and there, but supporting both versions will be trivial for app developers. It also helps that no architectural changes are required for Samba/LDAP, so the hurdles for upgrading 6 to 7 will be much much lower.
05:44 AM
Peter Baldwin replied to the topic Re:CENTOS 7 RELEASE! in the forums.
Mick Russom wrote:
How soon until ClearOS upgrades to a -7- base? This is a big deal as the new kernel is far better - I've done extensive tests and for my purposes this is a huge upgrade.
RHEL 7 does feel a lot snappier, both on real hardware and in VirtualBox! I'll post a ClearOS 7 update in a new thread later today.
05:10 AM
6 days ago
Marc Laporte replied to the topic Re:When a system is cloned, what happens to unique ID of ClearCenter registration? in the forums.
Thanks Tony, that helps a lot!

Best regards,

05:12 PM
Marc Laporte created a new topic When a system is cloned, what happens to unique ID of ClearCenter registration? in the forums.

Sometimes, for testing before an upgrade, we want to clone a system and do a test. Or we may want to spin up 10 identical systems.

But each ClearOS instance has a unique registration ID, and has unique services like Dynamic DNS:

Any thoughts on how to deal with this case?

09:03 AM
1 week ago
Marc Laporte replied to the topic Re:PHP 5.5 / PHP 5.6 : what is the best way to get on ClearOS 6.x ? in the forums.
Yes, it will break Zarafa with the following message:

Not Found: PHP mapi extension not found
If you have upgraded zarafa, please restart Apache
Zarafa WebApp can't start because of incompatible configuration.
Please correct above errors, a good start is by checking your '/etc/php.ini' file.
Or if you wish, you can disable this config check by editing the file '/usr/share/zarafa-webapp/config.php', but this is not recommend.

In my quick tests, it works fine for Joomla!, WordPress and Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware. I didn't try ownCloud but I suspect it works fine as well.

I updated the wiki page: www.clearfoundation.com/docs/howtos/upgrading_to_php_5.5.x

@Tim: do you know of a way to turn off Zarafa's MAPI features and permit usage of Zarafa for those who don't need it?

Jul 23
Marc Laporte replied to the topic Re:PHP 5.5 / PHP 5.6 : what is the best way to get on ClearOS 6.x ? in the forums.
But until we have this future-proof solution, here is a guide to upgrade ClearOS 6.x from PHP 5.3.x to 5.5.x

Please test and provide feedback.

Jul 22
Marc Laporte created a new topic Something like PageKite using ClearOS? (To avoid ISP limitations) in the forums.

So I'd like to set up a local ClearOS instance, for a few services, including mail.

But mail can be tricky depending on your ISP:

So I am wondering if there are any recipes out there to set up a minimal ClearOS instance on a rented server, whose sole purpose is to tunnel info to my local ClearOS. This adds a point of failure, but it's an acceptable compromise in this case. No information would live on the server, so I wouldn't even set up backups for data.

"The pagekite.py program is both: a client and a server. It just depends on how you run it."

What do you think? How would you proceed?

Jul 22
2 weeks ago
Marc Laporte replied to the topic Re:Elasticsearch: Integrated search on files, email, web content, etc. in the forums.
Just the other day, I would have needed to search Flexshares

This would be sweet as well

Jul 17


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