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I am a IT reseller, we also import laptop accessories into South Africa. We do onsite support


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Cape Province
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Cape Town
South Africa

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2 weeks ago
Shaun created a new topic Software RAID in the forums.
Hello to all.

This week we have been trying to setup RAID 1 with Clearos. As I am not a linux person it is very difficult for me to do so in the setup of the drives. We have been trying hardware RAID cards but non seem to be recognized by Clearos. The only one I got working was a on-board RAID from a Gigabyte Motherboard.
As most would agree RAID is needed for most Servers as a fail over.

I have read all the pro's and con's on Hardware RAID against Software RAID.

I would really like to use the Clearos RAID but don't understand how to setup this up. Is There no better guide available on the net so i can have a look at this option.

For the developers my be a good idea to re design the RAID setup in the software so one can better implement RAID. Something in the lines of giving the user an option of different RAID types and then Clearos will do the setup for you.
Could happen in a later version?

In the meantime help needed on my side with RAID setup

Many thanks

Jul 02


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