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Been running Centos and Fedora in my home office for years. Small NT domain for Win systems.


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Oak Park
United States

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Robert Moskowitz
Robert Moskowitz
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  • Wednesday, 05 December 2012 19:39
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3 weeks ago
Robert Moskowitz created a new topic ARM support in the forums.
I am migrating all of my servers to armv7 boards. Most noteably the Cubieboard2 and Cubietruck. The driver is power consumption. I have been replacing 50-70W systems with 2W systems. This is a real savings in that I pay $0.15/KWH plus longer UPS time. Already have reduced my power consumption by at least 250W. Oh, my ROI is ~15 months.

I have RedSleave 6 running in production for a number of my servers along with Fedora 20. I have posted my Redsleeve setup steps. I am working on the Fedora21 alpha and will work on the Centos 7 when the team starts building stuff.

But there is this matter of a ClearOS server that I would really like to convert. I don't do a lot with my server, it supports a few XP systems running as an old style domain controller with roaming profiles. Yeah, perhaps I should get with the program and run Win7 and AD, but why? My wife does very little with the system, and the kids are almost all grown and gone. Most of my work is on my Linux systems.

So I would be interested in taking the Redsleave base and getting it up to what I minimally need for a domain server. I do not like the idea of rolling my own; I have dodged that bullet for some years now...
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