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Peter Baldwin
Peter Baldwin
Enjoying new office!
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1 week ago
Andi Micro www.netsindo.com Dec 12
Peter Baldwin replied to the topic Re:yum update on ClearOS 5.2 failing - Error: Missing in the forums.
I can see from the yum output that you have a version of perl-Convert-UUlib from EPEL instead of the version that ships with ClearOS. Installing the ClearOS version might resolve the issue:

Download perl-Convert-UUlib-1.11-1.1.v5.i386.rpm
Dec 10
Peter Baldwin replied to the topic Re:Broken Update, Missing Dependency in the forums.
Hello all,

For those of you who used a "--skip-broken" update with ClearOS Core, you may be stuck in limbo with two different xorg builds. It's easiest to re-install the graphical console tool and Xorg in this scenario:


yum remove xorg-x11-server-Xorg
yum --enablerepo=clearos-core install app-graphical-console xorg-x11-drivers

If you see anything other than xorg-x11-* and app-graphical-console-* packages in the yum remove command, stop right there!
Dec 10
David Clayton replied to the topic Re:Have to reload the dansguardian-av and squid to overcome the slow browsing in the forums.
Hi, I have to agree with Tony, I doubt it is your config (unless you have changed it from the default)...I didn't read through yours. I have some 150 users connected through our COS 6.5 for normal web browsing, and have never seen the waiting for proxy tunnel message you describe.

I suspect you could have one or more instances of P2P or torrent software - for example I believe that some services like skype attempt to process third party connections in the background, it is possible that if you have 100 clients trying to do this then your proxy will struggle.

Could you try with a single PC for a few hours - I'm almost certain you won't get the message. If your okay with wire shark, and can set it up on a router with a port duplicator so you can see traffic intended for the proxy IP, I think you would be able to identify if there were PC's sending an unusually high traffic volume.
Dec 07
David Clayton replied to the topic Re: Play store bypass proxy in the forums.
Hi Steven,

I have also found that most of the play store works through the proxy set up the same way, but as soon as you come to download an app it doesn't want to know. Using the 'sledge hammer to crack a nut' approach I put the Phone's IP into the proxy bypass, and then removed the proxy values from the phone's wifi settings. Apps installed fine. I appreciate that this may not be entirely suitable if your aim is to restrict your daughter's web viewing, but you can always put the proxy back once the app is installed. I'm sure there will be away to identify the play store urls or IPs that need adding, and I guess this will be on Google somewhere.

Dec 07
2 weeks ago
David Clayton replied to the topic Re:Blocked Website Bypass in the forums.

to get your user working short term, I would either set a static IP on their workstation and add the IP to the filter exempt list, or set the url as a proxy bypass and configure the users local browser to add that url as "don't use proxy for".

Dec 01
David Clayton replied to the topic Re: "perl_version" isn't numeric in the forums.
Hi Nick,
Thanks for the prompt reply.
Dec 01


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