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Peter Baldwin
Peter Baldwin
Enjoying new office!
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3 days ago
David Clayton created a new topic Static IP Address Routing in the forums.
Hi all,

I have a case where the ISP has allocated the customer 8 static IP addresses in a range .120 - .127 the broadcast address is .127 and the router address is .126 Previously the system had the wan set to auto obtain, and picked up the .126 address. This has been working well for a number of years, however the customer is now looking to undertake an expansion in the number of servers, and for the external facing roles it was agreed that these servers should effectively be addressable on one of the external IP addresses, rather than port forwarding of the existing .126 address.

This is not something I have normally done, so would welcome peoples suggestions / best practice.

The current configuration is very simple - ISP Modem > Clear WAN > LAN

The thought had occurred to me that I could implement some form of NAT to a separate subnet on the LAN (to keep external traffic defined), a kind of hot lan - but then I would need a 'hot lan' interface AND an LAN interface defined on the server. I don't know if I've made it too complicated. What would others recommend for Clear?

I found an article relating to multiple IPs on M0n0wall but I'm not sure that its helped my understanding, and I would still need some guidance of how to implement on Clear.

09:17 PM
1 week ago
Peter Baldwin replied to the topic Re:Numeric Group Name Bug in the forums.
Hi Rob,

Thanks for the detailed bug report! That issue has been fixed (tracker #1823) but it has not yet been pushed out to software updates.
Sep 10
Peter Baldwin replied to the topic Re:ClearOS 7 update in the forums.
There's still no movement on having Samba Directory in the Community Edition -- sorry.
Sep 10
Peter Baldwin replied to the topic Re:close to 100% CPU load in the forums.
Hi all,

I think it's time to pull the report from the Marketplace (still available via yum though). The networkdetail2db should be replaced with a patch to pmacct -- that will certainly improve performance.
Sep 10
2 weeks ago
David Clayton created a new topic Console Screen keyboard map in the forums.
Hi all,

I wanted to change the console keyboard from the default US to UK (was having problems with passwords using @ and "). I want to make other users aware that they must run the loadkeys command with sudo, in order for it to work, therefore in my example:

sudo loadkeys uk


I also believe that I will need define this somewhere as the default for when the system reboots to make it permanent?

Sep 03
David Clayton created a new topic Console Screen going blank in the forums.

when I leave the console screen for a few minutes its goes blank. I found the following article which suggests some changes:
blank screen

Please could someone reply with the correct syntax / file location for a permanent change on 6.5 as the system is currently in production use (and my cautious approach) I would prefer not to 'try and see'.

Thanks, David.
Sep 03
Andi Micro ClearOS In Indonesia Sep 03
Peter Baldwin replied to the topic Re:close to 100% CPU load in the forums.
Hi Tim and Nick,

Thanks for diving into this! It's a crazy whirlwind at the moment (ClearOS 6.6, ClearOS 7, new web site). Flip side: the kids are back in school so there's much more time for hacking.
Sep 03


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