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Peter Baldwin
Peter Baldwin
Enjoying new office!
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  • Saturday, 11 July 2009 11:32
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1 week ago
Marc Laporte replied to the topic Re:OpenSSL SSLv3 vulnerability in the forums.
Automatically disabling SSLv3 could cause some issues.

Here are best practices to deal with this:

Thanks Peter for the link
Nov 12
Peter Baldwin replied to the topic Re:ClearOS 6.6.0 Beta Thread in the forums.
Hi all,

The "clearos-core" repository is now version 6.6 (though one of the packages failed to rebuild). If you have it enabled, you will be getting the upstream 6.6 updates. It would be nice to have a public "clearos-core-testing" repository, but that hasn't happened yet. Since the "clearos-core" repo is for command line hackers only, it is perceived to be not commercially important to ClearOS Professional subscribers. Though I don't like the policy, I know that it's all balance between resources and keeping customers happy.

In a strange twist, the move back to CentOS in ClearOS 7 means that "core" (aka CentOS) updates will be handled through a more thorough QA process.
Nov 12
2 weeks ago
David Clayton created a new topic Update Plan for 6.6 and 7 in the forums.
Hi all,

could someone confirm my thinking - I envisage that 6.6 might 'auto install' as per a patch update onto my 6.5 box with no intervention (with auto update on), whereas for version 7 we would expect to have to manually initiate the installation /upgrade?

Nov 07
David Clayton replied to the topic Re: Installing New Clearos 6 professional in the forums.
would be interesting to know why it didn't work, can you confirm that you did (or not) have an Internet / network connection / DNS active at the time?
Nov 07
David Clayton replied to the topic Re:Spacewalk like functionality in the forums.
My 'guiding principle' for COS is that it should be a replacement (and more) for Windows Small Business Server 2003 as this was the last 'out of a box' solution for <100 users, and their needs are just as relevant today. The mentioned Spacewalk application looks like it is fairly cool, but I think this ventures into the 'large corporate enterprise' and at this point in time is probably a bit beyond the scope of the COS professional editions.
Nov 04


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