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4 days ago
odon replied to the topic Re:FATAL: Module ip_conntrack_netlink not found. in the forums.
The other ways is remove all dep (actually 5 package) l7 filter from app-protocol :

yum remove l7-filter-userspace l7-protocols libnetfilter_conntrack libnetfilter_queue libnfnetlink

and the msg error is gone
Thanks for the help.
05:46 PM
5 days ago
odon replied to the topic Re:FATAL: Module ip_conntrack_netlink not found. in the forums.
Yes, you are tru...before that i have installed app-protocol-filter and app-protocol-filter-core via ssh,
and remove/uninstalled it via marketplace...maybe some package still in system and not remove completedly.
11:33 PM
1 week ago
Peter Baldwin replied to the topic Re:Auto-update of Z-push to "zarafa-z-push-2.2.0-1.v6.noarch" broke our Z-push! in the forums.
Quick update. The repos have been updated and the mirrors should be all up-to-date within a few hours. That's the second time this has happened in recent months and it we certainly have to make sure it doesn't happen again.
Mar 19
Peter Baldwin replied to the topic Re:Auto-update of Z-push to in the forums.
I'm guessing that zarafa-z-push 2.2.0 might require Zarafa 7.1.x. Just a hypothesis right now.
Mar 19
Andi Micro replied to the topic Re:6.6 x64 install issue in the forums.
Both ISO's it works fine.
When the old ISO can be replaced with this one in Download Page? So that users are not confused anymore in the installation.
Mar 18
Aaron Bylund and Francesco are now connections Mar 17
2 weeks ago
Ben Chambers replied to the topic Re:Failed to bind to LDAP server in the forums.

First, make sure you have all updates applied:

yum upgrade

If you have any dependencies issues, solve those first before you go on to the suggestions below. There was an update to the 6.6 upgrade that contained a patch where LDAP permissions were wrong.

Sometimes it's as simple as stopping slapd a few times and then starting it up.

service slapd stop
service slapd stop
service slapd start

Also, make sure there are no hanging PID's around that relate to LDAP:

ps afxw | grep ldap

If you see any, you can 'kill -9 xxx' where xxx is the PID of the process related to LDAP/SLAPD.

There's also a help page here.

Finally, if nothing is working for you, you could reload from your latest config backup, provided you have one.

Mar 15
Ben Chambers replied to the topic Re:Cloudstor clients in the forums.
Hi Shaun.

Marcel's advice is good....if you have enough clients and the interest, there is the potential for you to host your own remote backup node locally and for your clients use, exclusively.

You provide the infrastructure/hosting and license the back end remote backup from ClearCenter. In this way, all backup/restore operations would never leave SA.

Mar 14
Peter Baldwin replied to the topic Re: PPTP VPN connects, but unable to pass traffic until firewall is restarted in the forums.
Hi David,

Yes, a firewall restart also reloads the MultiWAN routing tables. Do you have MultiWAN running on the box?
Mar 10
Andi Micro replied to the topic Re:6.6 x64 install issue in the forums.
Dave Loper wrote:
Our upstream linux distribution changed some fundamental things which renders the Xconsole a bit wonky. In the past we had included a config that was very stripped down and very basic. That doesn't seem to work here now for some and some users (even some users of ClearBOX) will end up with an invalid Screen set. We will have a fix for the mainline code that should work and we need people to test the update that fixes this. Peter will give some info for testers.

If you really, really need a quick fix you can remove the vm.conf file and recreate one that works with your monitor. Perform the following steps to do a manual intervention of your Clearconsole:

1) Exit the console session to another screen by typing Ctrl+Alt+F2.
2) Log into this console as 'root'
3) Kill the Xwindows session with 'killall xinit'
4) move the vm.conf file:
mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/vm.conf /root/vm.conf.bad

5) recreate a new config:
/usr/bin/Xorg -configure

6) Move this new file into place:
mv /root/xorg.conf.new /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/vm.conf

7) Switch back to the Text console by pressing typing 'exit' and Enter. Then type Ctrl+Alt+F1
8) Log into the TUI console by supplying the root password for the 'Administrator' login.
9) "Launch Graphics-mode Console" by pressing F2 or by pressing <Enter> with that option highlighted.

This work for IBM Xseries and Lennovo. Thanks.
Hopefully the new ISO, was released soon.
Mar 09
Ben Chambers replied to the topic Re:ClearOS 6.6.0 Beta Thread in the forums.

I've just looked at the ClearCARE support queue and I'm not seeing any open issues that seem to have been related to the 6.6 roll-out.

Granted, it didn't go perfectly and we're looking at ways in v7 to be able to stagger the updates so we can have the same sort of QC process that is in place and successful in normal updates (eg. goes to Community firs for testingt unless security-related and deemed urgent, in which case it's reversed), however, any Pro users who had problems were handled by the ClearCenter support team (not on Community forums but through the support ticket queue).

If you have any issues related to 6.6 update and are on Professional, please, throw us a ticket, even if you don't have a subscription that includes support. At least it will be logged and reviewed by the devel team, and if we've broken something for the masses, we'll fix it...we're not going to ding you for per-incident costs. That would be...dirty.

We can't fix what we don't know about.

Mar 09
3 weeks ago
Ben Chambers replied to the topic Re:Network Visualizer not loading in the forums.
That app is a wrapper for 'jnettop'. What happens when you use the command line. As root, run:


Mar 08


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