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2 weeks ago
Kevin created a new topic PDC over a subnet and VPN? in the forums.
Hello everyone,

I have a COS server as a PDC at our master site ( and I have a remote site ( connected with a IPSEC VPN (boths ends are NATed). All ports and protocols are open through the pipe. All servers and routers are virtualized (KVM).

The VPN pipe is working fine. I can ping the PDC by short and long names and map shares (by IP not hostname) no problem. I can ping clients from both ends.

However, I am having difficulty adding computers on the remote site to the domain and when they are added new users are having difficulty logging in (no domain controllers can be found) and the samba login script does not run there.

I cannot "browse" the main site network from the remote site via Windows 7/Vista file manager.

Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?

Is the VPN a problem?

Does the PDC have an issue with a subnet?

Is there a configuration change I can make to get this to work?

Thank you for your help.

Jul 09


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