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I've been a Clear Partner since 2002. We use the software as a general small business server, as a filtering firewall for K-12 and also for some home users.


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Fernand Jonker
Fernand Jonker
Testing the Clearbox
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Ben Chambers replied to the topic Re:How to disable changing user password in the forums.
I've created a bug/feature tracker for you here.

03:33 PM
3 days ago
Ben Chambers replied to the topic Re:Greatest backup I ever saw in the forums.
Hi Foye,

Yes...Nitix has/had some cool features and a *very* loyal user-base. I hear the sentiment you expressed in your post quite often since we continue to get quite a few Nitix users coming over to ClearOS after IBM discontinued the product.

I've not come across any source code (nevermind compatible licenses) that would allow us to take bits of what the Nitix devel team. IBM's not SCO by any stretch...maybe some day, something will be released to the open-source community at large.

04:30 AM
Ben Chambers replied to the topic Re:Static IPsec VPN Install in the forums.
Hi guys,

The reason you're seeing this (and some are not) is because you're on a ClearOS Professional Evaluation. Allowing users to evaluate subscription services is easy (we turn them off at the end of the eval). Evaluations to one-time install software like Static IPSec VPN, isn't so fun...it requires considerable development which we've not chosen to embark on to protect code, uninstall software etc. Nothing that benefits the end user or us, really.

I only just found out about a month ago that during Professional evals, paid one-time apps weren't displayed in Marketplace...I thought they were displayed but listed as 'not-available'. This is fixed in version 7, and I think I'll back port the minor change required to have the same thing in 6 to avoid this situation.

In the meantime, if you want to install the paid-version of Static IPSec, you have two choices...Upgrade your Pro license from evaluation to full subscription via the portal here or, if you're not ready to commit to a Pro license, open a support ticket here and I'll pick it up and manually add an IPSec license for you (along with a placeholder invoice)...if you continue on with it, the invoice will become due...if you don't, we'll trust you un-install the app and I'll cancel the invoice.

Somewhat ironically, this is never an issue on the Community Edition since there's no such thing as an eval.


04:23 AM
4 days ago
Ben Chambers created a new topic DropboxCLI Upgrade - Testers Needed in the forums.
If you've been using the Dropbox client on ClearOS, you may have received an email from Dropbox letting you know to upgrade ASAP as they are deprecating services that the version of ClearOS has been using for the last 18 months. Timeline...next week!


I've built an upgrade package suitable for ClearOS 6 based on Dropbox version 2.10.28. It requires a couple of minor changes to the ClearOS libraries too.

If anyone wants to help test, it would be appreciated since we have such a short time before I need to push this out to the updates repo.

If you are interested in doing some testing, please run:


yum -y --enablerepo=clearos-test upgrade app-dropbox
service dropbox restart

to upgrade.to the latest version of Dropbox. Report any errors/issues here.


03:55 PM
Ben Chambers replied to the topic Re:zarafa web app spanish in the forums.
Edit the file:


You'll see a line:


define("ENABLED_LANGUAGES", "de_DE;en_EN;en_US;fr_FR;he_IL;it_IT;nl_NL;ru_RU;zh_CN");

Change it to:


define("ENABLED_LANGUAGES", "de_DE;en_EN;en_US;fr_FR;he_IL;it_IT;nl_NL;ru_RU;zh_CN;es_ES");

07:04 AM
Ben Chambers replied to the topic Re: Bare Metal Backup/Restore app new in marketplace? in the forums.
Hi Guys,

Yes...pretty new app there (couple of weeks old) that didn't get a post here or front page on CF website, but should have.

Bare Metal Backup/Restore is a new app that was written by a great organization and long time customer of ClearCenter's, MercyCorps.

Their team wrote the app for use at local ClearOS deployments for their distributed network of IT admins in various geographic locations where they are deployed. They chose to share the app with the community so you have them to thank (perhaps with a donation...hint hint, wink wink.

Anyways, I screwed upI screwed up deploying it in the Marketplace for the first week of it's launch, but that was corrected just over a week ago.

I just tried installing it from Marketplace...worked fine for me. Keep in mind, if you're installing from command line, you'll need to add the contribs repo:

[code]yum --enablerepo=clearo-contribs install app-bmbackup[/code[

Installing from Marketplace will enable the contribs repo automatically.

05:04 AM
6 days ago
Peter Baldwin created a new topic Test in the forums.
Just a test
06:29 AM
1 week ago
Ben Chambers replied to the topic Re:Is the Marketplace down or is it me in the forums.
Everything looks OK on the SDN side...I think I've seen this issue before...first try:


service webconfig restart

To see if that clears it up.

Aug 13
Ben Chambers replied to the topic Re:photo organizer issues in the forums.
Have a look at the 'valid_root_folders' parameter in /etc/clearos/photo_organizer.conf

By default:



Which hides many of the root folders that a typical user doesn't need to see. If you have custom mount points, you may need to add to this list.

Aug 13
Peter Baldwin replied to the topic Re:L7 - when it will be back in marketplace? in the forums.
Every time we restart the l7-filter project, something comes along and derails it. It definitely has a Duke Nukem Forever kind of vibe.
Aug 12
2 weeks ago
Peter Baldwin replied to the topic Re:close to 100% CPU load in the forums.
It's normal to see MySQL working hard on an update, but it shouldn't last for more the 30-ish seconds. Every 15 minutes, the pmacct daemon does a data dump while the other reports update every 5 minutes. Are you seeing a sustained 100% usage? What's the 15-minute load? Are you running version 1.5.27 of app-network-detail?
Aug 08
Peter Baldwin replied to the topic Re:close to 100% CPU load in the forums.
The should still exist on an uninstall, so that's normal. It looks like the upgrade was performed but the MySQL issue still persisted. We'll keep an eye out for this issue.
Aug 07
Peter Baldwin replied to the topic Re:trusted signed certificate in clearos 6.3 in the forums.
Hi James,

Yes, this topic should be more of a priority! I have added the issue in the tracker:


The target version is ClearOS 7.0.0, but that's more of a wish than a promise.
Aug 07


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