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Darryl Sokoloski
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Ben Chambers replied to the topic Re:Problem with flash application in the forums.

It could be that the app is not proxy friendly, or it could be the content filter blocking. Be sure by excluding the website in question from both serices.


If you're running in non-transparent mode, this is easy...simply add the website to the Web Proxy ByPass table.

If you're running in transparent mode, you'll need to add a custom firewall rule (need to install custom firewall app).

iptables -t nat -I PREROUTING --destination x.x.x.x -j ACCEPT
iptables -I FORWARD --destination x.x.x.x -j ACCEPT

Where x.x.x.x is the website's IP...hostname will work too, but if your DNS ever fails, it will hang or potentially barf on your custom firewall rules.

Content FIlter:

Navigate to Content Filter configuration in Webconfig, click on "App Policies --> Edit". Select "Edit" next to "Exception Sites" and add the website name.

04:17 AM
Ben Chambers replied to the topic Re:Development Tools installation failed on new install of ClearOS 6.5.0 i386 in the forums.
On the last line, try:

yum --enablerepo=clearos-dev install clearos-devel app-devel

04:05 AM
Ben Chambers replied to the topic Re:MX Record? in the forums.
Hi Chris,

Sounds like a job for your DNS provider, not ClearOS...Unless you're referring to the ability to put ClearOS in as your gateway, and route SMTP traffic back to your existing mailserver residing on the LAN segment of the ClearOS network...in that case, you have two options. First, simply create a port forward rule for SMTP back to the LAN IP of your mail server. That is done via "Network -- Port Forwarding". You need the port forwarding app installed, of course.

Alternatively, you can use ClearOS as a mail gateway filter/passthrough. In that case, you don't add the port forward rule..instead you open SMTP up on the Incoming Firewall (app installed by default). You also install the "SMTP" app from Marketplace in addition to any other sub-components (spam, malware, greylisting etc.). In your SMTP configuration, you'll set the mail forwarding entry to your existing mail server. Additional info on this configuration can be found here.

04:02 AM
3 days ago
Ben Chambers replied to the topic Re:How to remove This configuration in the forums.
That entry is your default website...you basically have to have one...it represents "/var/www/html", whereas any other virtual sites you add end up in /var/www/virtual.

If you really want to get rid of it (no recommended), you'll need to edit /etc/clearos/flexshare.conf using an editor.

Look for the Flexshare definition containing:

Delete the entire Flexshare entry and save your file. Eg. you will see something like this:

<Share www.example.com>


Delete the entire section.

03:14 AM
5 days ago
Ben Chambers replied to the topic Re:Shell Shock in the forums.

yum --enablerepo=clearos-test upgrade bash

Thanks don't go to me...Shad or Pete...not really sure yet!

05:46 AM
Ben Chambers replied to the topic Re:Intrusion prevention service stops after updates in the forums.
It's likely an issue of memory...specifically, lack of it. Check your log files for 'memory' ...something like:

grep -i memory /var/log/*

If you find instances of the OOM killer coming around and shutting down IDS, you'll have found your issue.

04:34 AM
6 days ago
2 weeks ago
Peter Baldwin replied to the topic Re:Numeric Group Name Bug in the forums.
Hi Rob,

Thanks for the detailed bug report! That issue has been fixed (tracker #1823) but it has not yet been pushed out to software updates.
Sep 10
Peter Baldwin replied to the topic Re:ClearOS 7 update in the forums.
There's still no movement on having Samba Directory in the Community Edition -- sorry.
Sep 10


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