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Work as an electrical engineer for a machine shop in northwest Ohio in the USA.

I remarried on May 4th of 2013 (may the 4th be with you?) and have 4 children.

Love the Lord. Jesus is my hero.


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United States

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Dirk Albring
Dirk Albring
Where has all the time gone?
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Ben Chambers replied to the topic Re:The Marketplace is empty (ClearOS Community release 6.6.0 Final) in the forums.
Officially, we hadn't released 6.6 yet, so the 'glue' for 6.6 and the Marketplace hadn't been created.

I've since ran the appropriate scripts...Is it populating now?

05:56 PM
Ben Chambers replied to the topic Re:Website/SSL certificate in the forums.
In Version 6 and later, certificates became part of the master/slave architecture so the functionality was scaled back.

04:45 AM
6 days ago
Ben Chambers replied to the topic Re:Website/SSL certificate in the forums.

You're right, of course...managing SSL certificates with websites could certainly be made a lot more user friendly with not having to drop down to the command line being the ultimate goal.

To answer your question on why...it's all a matter of resources and priorities. There's three ways for things to get developed in ClearOS...

1. ClearCenter to invest resources to have paid developers work on the feature
2. Volunteers from the community to commit time to a project
3. 3rd party developers to create apps/extensions that are installed via the Marketplace, with the option to charge for the app to recoup time invested

For what you're describing, only 1 or 2 are really viable since (#3) it's difficult to take a free app, make it better, then charge for the entire app for the new feature.

So now you're down to whether ClearCenter can see an ROI and whether this precedes all other development going on or someone finding time in the community.

At ClearCenter, we've discussed better integration since many don't know that we resell signed certs from providers Thawte, Comodo and GeoTrust, so there is a path to an ROI...just nothing that outweighs some of the other stuff going on.

I've added it to the bug tracker as a feature so it can be commented on and viewed by others...but that's about as far as I can guarantee it goes for the short term.

04:33 AM
1 week ago
Ben Chambers replied to the topic Re: ClearCenter Dynamic DNS/SUVA functionality is not working in the forums.
What do you see if you force an update:

dnsupdate force

Jan 22


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