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Philippe Eveleigh
Philippe Eveleigh
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  • Sunday, 05 October 2003 10:49
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4 days ago
Philippe Eveleigh replied to the topic Re:Static IP Address Routing in the forums.
I would suggest using the following configuration: DMZ Firewall
03:47 PM
Philippe Eveleigh replied to the topic Re: Multiwan peer dns failure in the forums.
Hello Nick, I would concur with your statement but forgot to mention that the gateway also stops resolving if it does not connect to the cable? I am waiting for the provider to install the cable wan setup at that location, in anticipation I was configuring the gateway yesterday and ran into this problem.

I also have tested a pppoe dynamic configuration but not static. I was able to test multiple combination with a pppoe dynamic ip's configuration, but did not encounter the above problem. Note: I am also aware of the multiple ISP issues but in this case all the connections are from the same ISP but thanks for the heads-up.
09:02 AM


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