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Philippe Eveleigh
Philippe Eveleigh
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  • Sunday, 05 October 2003 10:49
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1 week ago
Philippe Eveleigh replied to the topic Re:Vlan Interface or Virtual Interface, what do I need? in the forums.
augustynr Assuming I understand your configuration, running two subnet networks on the same vlan id is a little odd? Having said that if you have no wish for security between both networks and run only one dhcp server you should be fine.

I believe the more flexible configuration for running multiple vlan is to configure a Trunk between the Server Ethernet port and the Switch only applicable if your Switch support at least layer 2

The trunk configuration on the Switch should be statically configured. You associate your Trunk to as many vlan's you want and choose the vlan for your pc ports.

I run an ESXI server in a very similar way the only difference is I have a Trunk running between my ESXI Virtual Switch and my Physical Switch but I would think connecting a ClearOS Server to the Switch should work the same way.
Apr 04
Aaron Bylund and hendry scholing are now connections Apr 04
2 weeks ago
Philippe Eveleigh replied to the topic Re: Does the kernel support ipset? in the forums.
Nick I am currently working on a script that will allow you to add, modify & delete list based on a configuration file for both Snort and IPSET to consume.

As I am doing some testing with my script I noticed that the list coming from the emergingthreats servers are not always very well synchronised: Server 1 and Server 2

Just to say that this highlight a logic problem with your script. Your script might fetch different versions for FWrev & emerging-Block-IPs.txt

To fix the problem would be to or find the revision number in emerging-Block-IPs.txt or use the WGET -N option and compare dates. I personally use the latter for my script. I would share my script and post it but it is not ready yet.
Apr 01
Philippe Eveleigh replied to the topic Re:ClearOS Community release 6.5.0 (Final) & ESXi in the forums.
Luis you can not install ESXI on a ClearOS server. I have not seen that configuration since version 2 or 3 of VmWare. ESXI takes control of the hardware so it will never be a client.

On the up side ClearOS runs well on ESXI. I even have ESXI running on an old ASUS board. If you have an external Level 2 switch all the better, you can run all your vlan's on a single ethernet card by configuring a trunk.
Mar 30


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