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Philippe Eveleigh
Philippe Eveleigh
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  • Sunday, 05 October 2003 10:49
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Aaron Bylund and clearmin are now connections 02:24 AM
2 days ago
Philippe Eveleigh replied to the topic Re:Webconfig, remote desktop, port forwarding behind openvpn in the forums.
Richard your set up is fine.

The concern that I have is that John is giving us the impression that he is running the ClearOS gateway in a VMWare appliance that is running on top of a Win Client. This would require him to open port on the WAN side of the Win client that could potentially lead to breaches and defeat the purpose of having a gateway.
02:08 AM
3 days ago
Philippe Eveleigh replied to the topic Re:ClearOS VMWare Enterprise in the forums.
The content should be approximately about the same size as the zip file. What are you using to unzip the file? and did you run a md5 checksum on your download ?
09:53 AM
4 days ago
Aaron Bylund and John Maats are now connections 12:01 PM
1 week ago
Philippe Eveleigh replied to the topic Re:Webconfig, remote desktop, port forwarding behind openvpn in the forums.
Nick is asking a good question, what VMware product is being used? the topology is sounding strange?
Oct 23
Philippe Eveleigh replied to the topic Re: smtp.gmail.com Network is unreachabl in the forums.
Here is the approach that I would take:

Before we make a mess of your settings, do a backup of your original root certificate. Your above configuration points to: smtpd_tls_cert_file = /etc/postfix/cert.pem

The following cmd will provide the list of certs used by Google on the smtp port:

echo -n | openssl s_client -showcerts -connect smtp.gmail.com:465 >> equifax_cert.pem

Now you have to pick the cert you wish to use? (I would not put all of them)
Use your editor and remove every thing above and below:




Add the certificate to your postfix certificate file:

echo >> /etc/postfix/cert.pem
cat equifax_cert.pem >> /etc/postfix/cert.pem

Restart postfix service postfix restart
Oct 23
Aaron Bylund and Peter are now connections Oct 22
2 weeks ago
Philippe Eveleigh replied to the topic Re:Cyrus in the forums.
Quick update on the above:

The sieve above instructions worked well for me

I also got SOGo to work with the sieve service, my mail data resides inside a firewall. I had configured the port forward correctly, my problem was the sieve socket was only accessible by the local machine. I changed the cyrus configuration for:


sieve cmd="timsieved" listen="sieve" prefork=0

Note: the above command also changes the port that sieve listens from 2000 to 4190, you can find the port list in /etc/services
Oct 15
Aaron Bylund and Chris Schwemin are now connections Oct 12
Aaron Bylund and Adrian Lottering are now connections Oct 11


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