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Christo Lewerissa
Christo Lewerissa
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1 week ago
Peter Baldwin replied to the topic Re:Auto-update of Z-push to "zarafa-z-push-2.2.0-1.v6.noarch" broke our Z-push! in the forums.
Quick update. The repos have been updated and the mirrors should be all up-to-date within a few hours. That's the second time this has happened in recent months and it we certainly have to make sure it doesn't happen again.
Mar 19
Peter Baldwin replied to the topic Re:Auto-update of Z-push to in the forums.
I'm guessing that zarafa-z-push 2.2.0 might require Zarafa 7.1.x. Just a hypothesis right now.
Mar 19
Andi Micro replied to the topic Re:6.6 x64 install issue in the forums.
Both ISO's it works fine.
When the old ISO can be replaced with this one in Download Page? So that users are not confused anymore in the installation.
Mar 18
Aaron Bylund and Francesco are now connections Mar 17
2 weeks ago
Peter Baldwin replied to the topic Re: PPTP VPN connects, but unable to pass traffic until firewall is restarted in the forums.
Hi David,

Yes, a firewall restart also reloads the MultiWAN routing tables. Do you have MultiWAN running on the box?
Mar 10


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