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6 days ago
Peter Baldwin replied to the topic Re:PHP openldap_directory warnings from app-samba-core update 1.6.8-1.v6 in the forums.
Hi Tony,

The error is triggered by a Samba SID cleanup script. In this particular case, it's harmless but I would still like to get to the bottom of it. Could you create the following test script (e.g. in /tmp/mytest.php):



// B O O T S T R A P

$bootstrap = getenv('CLEAROS_BOOTSTRAP') ? getenv('CLEAROS_BOOTSTRAP') : '/usr/clearos/framework/shared';
require_once $bootstrap . '/bootstrap.php';

// D E P E N D E N C I E S

use \clearos\apps\groups\Group_Manager_Factory as Group_Manager_Factory;
use \clearos\apps\groups\Group_Engine as Group_Engine;


// M A I N

$group_manager = Group_Manager_Factory::create();
$details = $group_manager->get_details(Group_Engine::FILTER_ALL);

Then run the script:

chmod 755 /tmp/mytest.php

Do you seen any of the groups listed in the output without a "members" list? An empty list is fine, I'm looking for a group that doesn't have "members" defined at all.
06:39 AM
Peter Baldwin replied to the topic Re:Serviio 1.5.1 on its way in the forums.
Many thanks Fred! FYI: Fred also provided us with updated ffmpeg and x265 RPM spec files. I have been able to get a variant built in our development (mock) environment, so we should be able to get things going through the build system soon.
05:18 AM
Peter Baldwin replied to the topic Re:Kernel Panic after automatic update in the forums.
The 2.6.32-431 series (RHEL6.5) was not the best kernel series. We held it back on the Professional Edition for quite some time and ended up supplementing it with newer drivers. The 2.6.32-504 series (RHEL 6.6) seems to be much much better so far.
05:11 AM
1 week ago
Peter Baldwin replied to the topic Re: Can't install kernel source for COS 6.5 2.6.32-431.1.2.v6.x86_64 in the forums.
For now, I have uploaded all the kernels to clearos7.clearfoundation.com/kernels/ The debug/debuginfo packages are excluded to save disk space, but are available if needed.
Feb 25
Peter Baldwin replied to the topic Re:6.6 Torrents not working and link wrong in the forums.
There was an issue getting the seed going at Terasaur. I'll see if I can get it working today.
Feb 25
Peter Baldwin replied to the topic Re:ClearOS will not automatically update Java in the forums.
Confirmed. The Software Updates app does not parse the package name properly.

Tracker: tracker.clearfoundation.com/view.php?id=2220
Github fix: github.com/clearos/app-software-updates/...8fd730c14b2202811bcf
Build info: buildsys.clearfoundation.com/plague/job.psp?uid=4985

The update should be hitting the mirrors in a few hours.
Feb 24
Peter Baldwin replied to the topic Re: Attn Mods - Forum Spam can I help? in the forums.
Yes, any help will be appreciated! We're in the final stages of prepping the new web site, but I'll get the ball rolling on the current web site.

More to come (heading out the door right now).
Feb 21
Peter Baldwin replied to the topic Re: ClearOS 6.6.0 breaking mail subsystem in the forums.
Hi Nick,

1777 should be the permissions for both /tmp and /var/tmp. Over the years, I have seen "spontaneous" permission changes on /tmp (on vanilla CentOS). It's probably some update script buried somewhere in an RPM doing something like "chmod 755 /tmp/$my_variable_filename" but "$my_variable_filename" is empty. That's speculation though.
Feb 21
Peter Baldwin replied to the topic Re:OpenLDAP not starting anymore today on several systems in the forums.
Here's more information on the crappy 6.6.0 update.

OpenLDAP upgrade

The underlying OpenLDAP engine was upgraded from 2.4.23 to 2.4.39. Inside the OpenLDAP RPM, there's an upgrade script that converts the existing LDAP database to the new version. The good news is that the upgrade works. The bad news is that in some circumstances (which we haven't determined), files in /var/lib/ldap are left with incorrect permissions and LDAP will refuse to start. In ClearOS 5, the startup script would automatically fix these permissions issues -- we ported that feature to ClearOS 6. That update will be hitting the repos shortly. In the meantime, you can run:


chown -R ldap.ldap /var/lib/ldap 
service slapd restart
service nslcd restart
service nscd restart

Network API and LDAP

In a bid to get rid of some duplicate code, the OpenLDAP startup script started using the Network API. If you had all of the following configured, the LDAP server would refuse to start:

- The network running in Standalone Mode (Standalone - No Firewall is not affected)
- Both an External and LAN interface defined
- The Directory Server configured to allow connections from the LAN (default is localhost only)

The quick workaround: go to "Server -> Directory Server" in the menu and set the Publish Policy to either i) Not Published (localhost) or ii) All Networks

The update to resolve this issue is also on its way to the repos.

Network Vendor Info

The network vendor information detection was also causing some parsing grief. This update was already pushed to the repos and is available.
Feb 20
Peter Baldwin replied to the topic Re: ClearOS 6.6.0 breaking mail subsystem in the forums.
It looks like the temporary directory is not writeable. I'm assuming that's either /var/tmp or /tmp. Is the partition full? Is something wrong with the permissions on /tmp or /var/tmp?
Feb 20


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