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Easy going guy, just trying to learn and be amazed.


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James Joseph
James Joseph
Loving the new ClearOS 6.2 AD connector is a very nice touch.
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1 week ago
James Joseph replied to the topic Re: Perc 6/i raid issue in the forums.
Thanks for the advice it seems just doing it on the SAS drives first works but after that I can then do partitioning separately it seems a weird way to do things and definitely something I don't get as I thought ClearOS would simply make the partitions but whatever works I guess.. I'm just curious if ClearOS was built that way if so why?
Jul 15
James Joseph created a new topic Perc 6/i raid issue in the forums.
I've installed clearOS 6.5 onto a Dell PowerEdge 1900 and after it installs the Dell Server doesn't even boot up to the kernel splash screen of ClearOS. At first I thought this was Hardware related I did extensive HW tests everything came up clean, thought I'd install W2012 server for a laugh and works perfectly fine....

I'm wondering if it's linux not picking up the raid card properly but the weird thing is ClearOS see's my hard drives and lets me configure them just fine so it should be picking it up just fine.

I'm currently downloading Centos7 at the moment to see if it's a ClearOS 6.x issue and will use Centos 6 as well just to make sure but it seems that clearos isn't liking the raid.

To get a bit more detailed description

I have two raid cards Perc 6/i
Perc 5

Perc 6/i has a RAID 10 4 SAS drives
Perc 5 just has 2 sata drives

Configurations of partitions

Perc 6/i RAID 10 = /
Perc 5 1st sata drive is= /home, /var/flexshare
2nd Sata drive is = /mnt/BACKUP

It may be that ClearOS doesn't like my partitioning and only wants the RAID 10 to have control over the whole of root I will do some more testing on this now and update but thought I'd post this here to see if anyone else might have any ideas regarding this.
Jul 15


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