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Easy going guy, just trying to learn and be amazed.


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James Joseph
James Joseph
Loving the new ClearOS 6.2 AD connector is a very nice touch.
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  • Friday, 31 December 2010 05:19
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James Joseph replied to the topic Re:Zarafa and the ClearOS 6 Mail Stack - Test Release in the forums.
I was wondering if you could help me with something.

I want to set a distribution group in clearos to sendas for a mailbox.

I have been able to set individual users to sendas by adding zarafaSendAsPrivilege on the uid nubmers. For groups, this seems to be quite tricky, after spending a few hours with zarafa support on the phone, the ldap is quite different in clearos and as it's not one of their downloaded packages they don't support it so I wouldn't be able to get help from them.

Have you been able to personally do sendas yourself by using a group you've made on clearos rather then doing delegates if so how have you acheived this?

Apparently I should just be able to use sendasprivilege and set info on the group but the schema from ldap on clearos doesn't allow me to do this.
04:15 AM
2 weeks ago
James Joseph replied to the topic Re: Perc 6/i raid issue in the forums.
Thanks for the advice it seems just doing it on the SAS drives first works but after that I can then do partitioning separately it seems a weird way to do things and definitely something I don't get as I thought ClearOS would simply make the partitions but whatever works I guess.. I'm just curious if ClearOS was built that way if so why?
Jul 15


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