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Easy going guy, just trying to learn and be amazed.


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James Joseph
James Joseph
Loving the new ClearOS 6.2 AD connector is a very nice touch.
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  • Friday, 31 December 2010 05:19
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James Joseph replied to the topic Re: Zarafa & ClearOS in the forums.
Ah, I see although my main concern is I'm happy with zarafa staying but I'm curious if ClearOS development team will make ZCP from source as the outlook problem won't be too much of an issue for most of my clients. My main concern is keeping up with the latest ZCP version now that only paid for clients can receive the packages and the open source version has to be compiled from source code.
01:17 AM
James Joseph created a new topic Zarafa & ClearOS in the forums.
I've been following through Zarafa forums for a while and with zarafa making a big change of dropping outlook support from Next year: forums.zarafa.com/showthread.php?11134-Z...support-discontinued

They also plan to stop providing tested binaries for non paying customers and you will have to build zarafa from source code. So my question is for ClearOS what is your decision for the community based version of ClearOS / Free zarafa when this happens from next year?

Will you be planning to build the packages from source or will their be a product freeze for zarafa when this happens? I ask this as if there is no plan to upgrade I will need to think about moving to another e-mail solution for some clients and I just want to get ahead of the curb now to let them know.
11:33 PM
1 week ago
James Joseph replied to the topic Re:Zarafa 7 Webmail - HOWTO Install and Configure in the forums.
This could be a bug but when I had to re-install webapp for some testing it removed the app-zarafa and when I re-installed it all of a sudden e-mails were gone I was about to re-store my backup from yesterday when I noticed the server.cfg file got re-written over from the app-zarafa I re-installed.

Tim, could you configure app-zarafa to make the previous server.cfg file server.cfg.old or something like that? I had to get my old config file from a backup, just encase this happens to someone else.
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