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Easy going guy, just trying to learn and be amazed.


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James Joseph
James Joseph
Loving the new ClearOS 6.2 AD connector is a very nice touch.
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  • Friday, 31 December 2010 05:19
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2 days ago
James Joseph created a new topic COS 6.5 Windows 7 Password change in the forums.
I have clearos set to expire users passwords (well had I've disabled this now) so that every 3 months it would tell users they need to change their passwords. When they get the pop up message they go to CTR + ALT + DEL they change the password but tells them that this didn't happen. Yet if they try to log in the old password doesn't work but the new one does. This can be quite confusing so I've disabled this for now and set up a calendar reminder on zarafa to remind staff every 3 months to change their password.

I wanted to know if this is a known bug or if there is a way to resolve this issue if it has been solved before? I have checked previous posts but couldn't find a resolution for this problem.
01:49 AM


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