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6 days ago
Aaron Bylund and Antonio Ribeiro are now connections 10:57 PM
Paul replied to the topic Re:[6.0]Only getting 1/3 the bandwidth from my fibre connection in the forums.
How are you testing the bandwidth? What you could do is install iperf on your clearos server and iperf on one of your client pc's and check the performance within your lan see Here

Another thing you could try is installing the speedtest-cli on your clearos server speedtest-cli to see what sort of speeds your getting from your server to the internet.

Also are your NIC's coming up at the expected speed look at ethtool to determine that. Also run an ifconfig and see if your getting any collisions or errors on your nic's.
10:48 PM
1 week ago
Aaron Bylund and alahwany are now connections Jan 17
Paul replied to the topic Re: Bug? No connectivity please help in the forums.
Thanks Nick I stand corrected told you I wasnt sure Lee ignore my comment above
Jan 13


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