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Ben Chambers
Ben Chambers
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3 days ago
Marc Laporte replied to the topic Re:When a system is cloned, what happens to unique ID of ClearCenter registration? in the forums.
Thanks Tony, that helps a lot!

Best regards,

05:12 PM
Marc Laporte created a new topic When a system is cloned, what happens to unique ID of ClearCenter registration? in the forums.

Sometimes, for testing before an upgrade, we want to clone a system and do a test. Or we may want to spin up 10 identical systems.

But each ClearOS instance has a unique registration ID, and has unique services like Dynamic DNS:

Any thoughts on how to deal with this case?

09:03 AM
4 days ago
Ben Chambers replied to the topic Re:Account Synchronization - app-central-management missing in the forums.
Make your your system is registered to the ClearCenter network.

Then run:


yum install app-central-management

You should see the professional private repo pulled in dynamically...something like:

* private-clearcenter-professional: download1.clearsdn.com:80
clearos-professional | 1.9 kB 00:00
clearos-updates | 2.9 kB 00:00
clearos-verified-updates | 1.9 kB 00:00
Setting up Install Process
Package 1:app-central-management-1.5.30-1.v6.noarch

10:32 AM
5 days ago
Marc Laporte replied to the topic Re:PHP 5.5 / PHP 5.6 : what is the best way to get on ClearOS 6.x ? in the forums.
Yes, it will break Zarafa with the following message:

Not Found: PHP mapi extension not found
If you have upgraded zarafa, please restart Apache
Zarafa WebApp can't start because of incompatible configuration.
Please correct above errors, a good start is by checking your '/etc/php.ini' file.
Or if you wish, you can disable this config check by editing the file '/usr/share/zarafa-webapp/config.php', but this is not recommend.

In my quick tests, it works fine for Joomla!, WordPress and Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware. I didn't try ownCloud but I suspect it works fine as well.

I updated the wiki page: www.clearfoundation.com/docs/howtos/upgrading_to_php_5.5.x

@Tim: do you know of a way to turn off Zarafa's MAPI features and permit usage of Zarafa for those who don't need it?

06:27 AM
6 days ago
Marc Laporte replied to the topic Re:PHP 5.5 / PHP 5.6 : what is the best way to get on ClearOS 6.x ? in the forums.
But until we have this future-proof solution, here is a guide to upgrade ClearOS 6.x from PHP 5.3.x to 5.5.x

Please test and provide feedback.

07:56 PM
Marc Laporte created a new topic Something like PageKite using ClearOS? (To avoid ISP limitations) in the forums.

So I'd like to set up a local ClearOS instance, for a few services, including mail.

But mail can be tricky depending on your ISP:

So I am wondering if there are any recipes out there to set up a minimal ClearOS instance on a rented server, whose sole purpose is to tunnel info to my local ClearOS. This adds a point of failure, but it's an acceptable compromise in this case. No information would live on the server, so I wouldn't even set up backups for data.

"The pagekite.py program is both: a client and a server. It just depends on how you run it."

What do you think? How would you proceed?

07:11 AM
1 week ago
Marc Laporte replied to the topic Re:Elasticsearch: Integrated search on files, email, web content, etc. in the forums.
Just the other day, I would have needed to search Flexshares

This would be sweet as well

Jul 17
2 weeks ago
Dirk Albring replied to the topic Re:Plex Media Server in the forums.
I think Nathan needs to clarify how his system is setup. It sounds like he's using ClearOS as a gateway server and that he is or was running a PLEX server on a Windows7 PC behind ClearOS. It sounds like he wants to only use ClearOS as a gateway appliance. What say ye Nathan?
Jul 14
Marc Laporte replied to the topic Re:Kaltura Video Management: Looking for a volunteer to test installation in the forums.
Here are updated instructions as a reference:

Jul 14


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