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Ben Chambers
Ben Chambers
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2 days ago
Ben Chambers replied to the topic Re:Static IPsec VPN Install in the forums.
Hi Guys,

Pete's aware of the issue..looks like we missed this app with the repo shuffle that was necessary for preparation for 6.6 and 7....It will be resolved shortly.

06:01 AM
1 week ago
Ben Chambers replied to the topic Re:NTFS-3G suddenly failed to mount USB disk in the forums.
What errors are you seeing? Anything in dmesg after you try and mount it?

Nov 14
Ben Chambers replied to the topic Re:Owncloud installation in the forums.
Hi Patrick,

I doubt installing OwnCloud from their sources will 'break' anything...., but then, you've just touched on one of the advantages to buying it in the Marketplace...a lot of work/time has been spent making sure the installation on ClearOS goes smoothly and is automated to every extend possible. Hence, the convenience of essentially 'one clicking' to install via Marketplace. The other value add is the tight integration with ClearOS directory API.

Nov 14
Ben Chambers replied to the topic Re: Transmission web page not found in the forums.
Haven't been any updates lately that might affect this...and mine is still working fine...

Nov 14
Ben Chambers replied to the topic Re:Is there a Bounty system for System Plugins? in the forums.

I'm assuming you know about the RAID app and it just doesn't do everything you want it to do...it gets you part way though.

Looked at the Webmin...ya, that's quite a bit of work. I'd estimate 2-3 days to extend the RAID tool set and add LVM support (which is also falling under similar scope to the Storage Manager app.

Nov 14
Ben Chambers replied to the topic Re:Is there a Bounty system for System Plugins? in the forums.
There's no formal bounty program in effect...we have been contracted to write code for specific features, but I know that doesn't hit on what you're looking to do...essential crowd fund an app.

Out of curiosity, what RAID controller are you looking to support...or if its for software RAID, what feature are you looking for?

Nov 13
Marc Laporte replied to the topic Re:OpenSSL SSLv3 vulnerability in the forums.
Automatically disabling SSLv3 could cause some issues.

Here are best practices to deal with this:

Thanks Peter for the link
Nov 12
Ben Chambers replied to the topic Re: Plex does not see media files in the forums.
I've had issues with this, but completely unrelated (I think) to file permissions) and something to do with naming conventions. I've been too lazy to follow this document (specific to TV shows) but have always assumed that because I've ignored it, I'm going to run into issues.

Nov 10
Dirk Albring replied to the topic Re:New ClearOS setup, a DD-WRT router is bypassing my content filter? in the forums.
Why don't you just try it like Nick said and plug your ClearOS Eth1 nic into a LAN port on your DD-WRT router and keep the DHCP server disabled on your router since you're using the ClearOS DHCP server; especially this since you want to use the content filter. Connect the ethernet switch/HUB you're using in the house to another LAN port on your DD-WRT router. Keep your proxy and content filter servers running with the proxy set up as transparent. I have never had a problem where the content filter gets bypassed when using this configuration. Connected like this you can either use the DD-WRT router as a Wifi access point, or the HUB if it's something like a Unifi access point. You wouldn't have to dink around with any settings in the router after this, especially since you're using ClearOS as your gateway and it does all the work. Sounds like that's why you implemented it in the first place.
Nov 08
2 weeks ago
Ben Chambers replied to the topic Re:Update Plan for 6.6 and 7 in the forums.
Nov 07
Marc Laporte replied to the topic Re:COS 6.5 community php upgrade from 5.3.3 in the forums.
ClearOS 7 will have PHP 5.4 indeed. There is no announced release date though.

As for running alternate versions of PHP, I am not aware of progress beyond what is on the wiki. And indeed, it is "a bit hacked" and only for development and testing.

So your problem is that Joomla! 3.3 requires PHP 5.3.10 but you have PHP 5.3.3?

Best regards,

Nov 04


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