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António Henriques
António Henriques
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  • Monday, 25 May 2009 11:27
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6 days ago
António Henriques replied to the topic Re:Zarafa contact photos in the forums.
My version is: zarafa-z-push-2.0.4-3.v6.noarch

But I'm a but I'm having some difficulty understanding what really is the behavior... all seams random...

I made some contacts in iPad, Android 4.2.2 phone, Outlook, and webaccess. All went well in new items.
But when I change a contact image from an existent one to another some times it does not update the server.
And in one test contact, that was created on the iPad and replicated correctively to other devices, I changed the contact image also in iPad, and this change only appeared in my android phone. The image contact in webaccess or webapp was still the old one (I tried in other browsers to prevent image cashing by the browser).
Then I deleted all my test contacs in Outlook, and all of them remained in my android phone, and disappeared in the other diveces.

The other strange behavior is in Outlook's Zarafa client config, I can not connect using SSL... but I have ssl enabled in both iPad and android phone...

I have "server_ssl_enabled = yes" in /etc/zarafa/server.cfg
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