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2 weeks ago
Leon replied to the topic Re:Somehow "Map" a network drive? in the forums.
Hi Tony

I have CentOS 6.5.0 64bit on a old P4 with SATA cards and 6 Hard Drives as my "Storage" server running in Gateway mode.
I have Plex running and stream media from the internal drives.

I managed to acquire a NAS, QNAP TS859U+ and a Dell R210, company upgrade...
I want to use the Dell R210 as a ClearOS gateway with Plex and the NAS as the Media Storage.

I plan to have the following layout:
Dell R210 with 3x Gb Nic's
1st Nic - WAN - 4Mb - Internet access only
2nd Nic - LAN - 1Gb 48 port Netgear switch
3rd Nic - NAS - 1Gb

The plan is to stream video to about 6 TV's on the LAN only.

What is the file transfer speed i can expect between the NAS and CleaOS to stream media on the network?
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