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2 weeks ago
ToyotaHEAD replied to the topic Re:Serviio Media Server now released and available in the ClearOS Marketplace in the forums.
Extreemly sorry for the delayed reply. I had been called unexpectidly out of town and had no internet.

System info:

* Version ClearOS Community release 6.5.0 (Final)
* Kernel Version 2.6.32-431.23.3.v6.x86_64
* Fresh Install Yes
* No extra repos installed, and no other software installed other than ClearOS / marketplace apps

I just tried to open the surviio log at /usr/share/serviio/log/serviio.log but it was blank. I went to /usr/share and was a bit dumbfounded that there was no folder for serviio... This could be a big clue as to why the service will not start. Perhaps it didnt install properlly in the first place?


And thanks again for your help!!!
Oct 06


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