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System Specialist for Direct Digital Radiology Systems


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Shaun Ellensohn
Shaun Ellensohn
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  • Monday, 06 November 2006 03:03
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Shaun Ellensohn replied to the topic Re: nommu_map_single error at first boot. in the forums.
well this is merely a guess of mine. i think i had a similar problem a couple of years back, and deactivating virtualization features helped me. i did however go on a quick search just now and see that some people also get the nommu stack overflow error with certain nic's and/or usb devices. so try my tip first and move on from there.
let us know how you do
06:10 AM
4 days ago
Shaun Ellensohn replied to the topic Re: Attn Mods - Forum Spam can I help? in the forums.
Maybe thats because i get there first
Got at least 5 yesterday - i'm now deleting about the same amount as i was reporting per day
08:15 PM


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