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James Randal
James Randal
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5 days ago
Aaron Bylund and toxxicc are now connections 11:32 PM
Peter Baldwin replied to the topic Re:Snortsam Error unblocking IPs in the forums.
David Smith wrote:
1) all references to clarkpoint.com servers in the ClearOS whitelist config file return as unresolvable.
Those are old DNS names that should be deleted from the whitelist. It's a non-fatal error, but we'll clean those up. Here's the tracker entry.

When Snortsam attempts to release the IPs after a day of blocking it is failing ,and the blocked IPs remain blocked - so the IPtables block list is just growing longer by the day, if I understand correctly.
Hmmm. What does the output from following command look like:

iptables -L INPUT -n -v
09:09 AM
1 week ago
Aaron Bylund and Eric are now connections Aug 18
2 weeks ago
Peter Baldwin created a new topic Test in the forums.
Just a test
Aug 16


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