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James Randal
James Randal
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2 days ago
Aaron Bylund and Eric are now connections 11:42 AM
4 days ago
Peter Baldwin created a new topic Test in the forums.
Just a test
06:29 AM
1 week ago
Peter Baldwin replied to the topic Re:L7 - when it will be back in marketplace? in the forums.
Every time we restart the l7-filter project, something comes along and derails it. It definitely has a Duke Nukem Forever kind of vibe.
Aug 12
Peter Baldwin replied to the topic Re:close to 100% CPU load in the forums.
It's normal to see MySQL working hard on an update, but it shouldn't last for more the 30-ish seconds. Every 15 minutes, the pmacct daemon does a data dump while the other reports update every 5 minutes. Are you seeing a sustained 100% usage? What's the 15-minute load? Are you running version 1.5.27 of app-network-detail?
Aug 08
Peter Baldwin replied to the topic Re:close to 100% CPU load in the forums.
The should still exist on an uninstall, so that's normal. It looks like the upgrade was performed but the MySQL issue still persisted. We'll keep an eye out for this issue.
Aug 07
Peter Baldwin replied to the topic Re:trusted signed certificate in clearos 6.3 in the forums.
Hi James,

Yes, this topic should be more of a priority! I have added the issue in the tracker:


The target version is ClearOS 7.0.0, but that's more of a wish than a promise.
Aug 07
2 weeks ago
Peter Baldwin replied to the topic Re:ClearOS 7 update in the forums.
It looks like the Samba developers are starting the process of merging the patches into mainline Samba. Here's a recent mailing list thread.
Aug 01
Peter Baldwin replied to the topic Re:WordPress for ClearOS in the forums.
Keith Osburn wrote:
Is there a way to change the install location of the webroot? I would like my wordpress to install at the base of the FQDN.... /var/www/html
Sorry for the delay - I was on holiday for most of the last couple of weeks

You can access WordPress via a hostname (e.g. wordpress.example.org) or a folder name. It would be nice to have a way to make it the default web site though (e.g. www.example.org). We're hoping to get that done before the final release.
Jul 31
Peter Baldwin replied to the topic Re:ClearOS 7 update in the forums.
Bianca & Werner wrote:
Do you guys by any chance know what the status is of the Samba4 MIT Kerberos integration? I can't find any definite answer - the closest I can find is this link: wiki.samba.org/index.php/Samba_Next_Goal...ive_Directory_Server
RHEL 7 still doesn't support Samba 4 in AD mode. That was a BIG disappointment. We're now investigating if it's possible to deploy Samba 4 even with the Kerberos library issue.
Jul 31


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