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Peter Baldwin replied to the topic Re:Final Release Date of ClearOS 7 and SAMBA4 in the forums.
Hi Brendon,

brendon redick wrote:
I disagree that AD should be pro only, I have been using active directory at home for over 10 years, roaming profiles are a must in my house, and there is only 2 of us. (unfortunately it broke at some point between 6.5 and 6.6, which has left all of my computers in a bit of a state of limbo on the domain)
Yes, we realize that AD is used as a niche product in homes. We even have some users running their own mail server system at home, but it's a tiny use case of course.

If the underlying mechanism is there in community there is no reason we should be forced to pay a subscription to pro to enable full use of it.
Just to clarify, there's nothing stopping someone from running Samba 4 in Active Directory mode on ClearOS. What was developed for ClearOS is an accounts driver for hooking into the webconfig users/groups system. There's no shenanigans going on with the underlying Samba 4 packages - those will be identical across all editions and users will have full use of it.

It seems with every new version of clearos community since I started using it in 5.1(ish) that there are features that become a premium or completely unavailable in the next version.
I can't think of an app that has gone from free to paid with the exception of Mail Archive. Yes, we have added a whole bunch of apps for Pro only (AD Connector, master/slave, Google Apps, Kaspersky, etc.), but we haven't taken anything away.

Compounding the upgrade or not choice is the lack of clear upgrade paths, having to start from scratch essentially with major version changes was not something I expected when I moved from using SmoothWall community.
Yes, that is a bummer. Going from version 5 to 6 wasn't supported upstream. It's a bit better in the 6 to 7 upgrade, but not exactly user-friendly and seamless (details).
10:45 AM
Peter Baldwin replied to the topic Re:Latest ClearOS auto update in the forums.
The perl-DateTime-Format-W3CDTF package from Repoforge was causing the grief. An update is on the way to the mirrors right now.
09:59 AM
Peter Baldwin replied to the topic Re:6.6 B2 yum key error in the forums.
That's a problem with the perl-DateTime-Format-W3CDTF package. A fix should be ready and published in a few hours.
08:57 AM
Peter Baldwin replied to the topic Re:Latest ClearOS auto update in the forums.
It looks like some updates were unintentionally released to the contribs repo. So far, it looks like ffmpeg and BackupPC are the two big issues. We had scheduled to look at ffmpeg just after the final release of 6.6.0 (tracker), so the package in clearos-test should not have been promoted to the contribs repo.

We're on it.
01:04 PM
Peter Baldwin replied to the topic Re:Broken Update, Missing Dependency in the forums.
The updates-testing repos (beta) is in a state of flux as we prepare for the final release. The problem should clear up (if it hasn't already!)
01:00 PM
5 days ago
Peter Baldwin replied to the topic Re:Final Release Date of ClearOS 7 and SAMBA4 in the forums.
nashibacker wrote:
If you can make samba4 in active directory mode for community with limit of 20-25 users at least will be much useful for small business users.
I hope you can see that we're not too keen on such a scenario. A shop with 20-25 Microsoft access licenses should be willing to part ways with an $80 / year ClearOS Professional subscription to support their open-source Linux server solution. I would hope.
06:35 AM
6 days ago
Aaron Bylund and Antonio Ribeiro are now connections 10:57 PM
Peter Baldwin replied to the topic Re:Final Release Date of ClearOS 7 and SAMBA4 in the forums.
Deploying Samba4 in Active Directory mode is only required by businesses/organizations, so it will only be available in the Professional Edition... sorry. Samba4 is still used in the Community Edition, but not in Active Directory mode.
08:46 AM
1 week ago
Peter Baldwin replied to the topic Re:ClearOS 7 update in the forums.
We're closing in on the first public beta. You can view the progress in the tracker:


I'm guessing it will be about two weeks from now (give or take a week).
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