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ClearOS Roadshow To Campus (TI Universitas Palangkaraya) 02:10
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Recent activities

OKB Drift replied to the topic Re: Adding a second remote subnet to ipsec VPN tunnel? in the forums.
Just a follow-up: Are there any technical reasons to choose one alternative (create a connection for each subnet) over the other (adding subnets to the same connection)?
12:50 AM
Silas Arentsen, Jimmy replied to the topic Re:Q: Automatic Proxy Setting for Google Chrome browser? in the forums.
Hi Jimmy,

Does chrome work on Windows? It works here in Chrome for windows.

Im not know how to change the MIME type, sorry.
12:41 AM
David Smith replied to the topic Re:Remote Desktop custom port in the forums.
I's all quite intriguing to me as I have been running RDP through our ClearOS server to my three windows machines (two real and one VM) since inception - I have changed rules and port forwarding to accommodate the different schemes and machines, and never experienced a single glitch. One lady works 12 hours a day on her RDP to her VM machine, and the others are used periodically every day. I have NO unreliability issues

I wanted to use OpenVPN, but our internet in South Africa is just too slow for our main application to run on OpenVPN.

I use 3 DNS servers set on the ClearOS machine, two external and one on my SBS2011 LAN machine.

I also recently made the ClearOS machine the DHCP server for the internal network, but the machines that I am connecting to internally have manually set fixed IP addresses.

Something else to consider - perhaps the individual firewalls on the Windows machines are periodically blocking the ClearOS server connection? Try turning them all off, if you haven't tried that already.
12:23 AM
fabri replied to the topic Re:SATA Multiport in the forums.
Thanks again Tony!

This is the response from Supermicro...

I my knowledge the on-board Intel SATA controller does not support SATA riser card.
Thank you

I hope for a swift response from intel...
12:05 AM
Silas Arentsen replied to the topic Re:Whatsapp and Proxy in the forums.
Have you treid to find out what ports whatsapp uses? Try allowing those through firewall and test
11:39 PM
Silas Arentsen replied to the topic Re:Q: Automatic Proxy Setting for Google Chrome browser? in the forums.
Try adding it in DHCP as: example.com:82/wpad.dat (in WPAD line)
for DNS added it as first alias: wpad.example.com

Is it only on OSX with Chrome and not on Windows?
11:29 PM
Steve G replied to the topic Re:Remote Desktop custom port in the forums.
Tony Ellis wrote:
Just something outside the nine dots...

.... I found using RDP and port forward from a ClearOS server was very unreliable - sometimes worked, sometimes intermittent and sometimes not all. No problems when at home within the internal network....

I am thinking this is the answer. I tested it 3 times over the weekend, without having changed a thing. I simply left work and tried it a few times from my home pc and it worked. I am beginning to believe it's either just plain unreliable or it's being affected by the other traffic on the network.

As for the DNS servers, both the target machine and the ClearOS box have been set to my internal DNS server. That's how I had my previous ISA server configured. Everything points to my win DNS server.
09:18 PM
Ldtmoeehh, Srobbee, lucyll, Werfkjl, JerryFu replied to the topic Re:How can I recover HTC text messages and contacts? in the forums.
It is not difficult to recover htc contacts and sms from Mobile phone, if you are sure that you've saved these data on the inner memory card with How to Print text Messages
Restore lost htc sms
08:22 PM
Eric Beaurivage replied to the topic Re:OpenSSL SSLv3 vulnerability in the forums.
I'm also looking for an update on this.


Should we also expect to receive an updated OpenSSL package in the coming days? Thanks in advance for your help in fixing the vulnerability.
05:22 PM
Luis Franco replied to the topic Re: Wifi PCI Card as Access Point in the forums.
I restore the hostapd but doesn't start.
11:25 AM
tom created a new topic Mail not arriving in the forums.
Ok my first post on here. Maybe someone can help me. Long time user. Have had a domain from ClearSDN for some time and used it to host a website from my machine. Just recently decided to set up a mail server using that domain. I am able to receive mail locally but not from the outside. I finally decided to turned on MX backup and mail does not arrive there either.

Maybe I am a little confused about what my settings should be.

for example, mydomain.com

I have an A record for a sub domain named mail.
my MX record is also mail.
then I have locally named my mail server mail.mydomain.com

I have been busy with this for days.. first a saslauth error kept me from logging in correctly.. wasn't till I did a fresh install that I was able to move to this problem, I am googled out.
09:33 AM
Norbert Vargas created a new topic How to setup Server to be a WiFi Access Point in the forums.
i put in a wireless card in my server
how do i set it up so my wireless devices can connect to the server via wireless
05:29 AM
Patrick Lizotte replied to the topic Re: New ClearOS install Zarafa not working in the forums.
Tim Burgess wrote:
The database is created in system-mysq (port 3308)l not normal mysql (port 3306) so should be OK

You can find all logs at /var/log/zarafa/dagent.log which will help to understand

Do you by any chance have the free Cyrus IMAP server installed as well? this conflicts with the same ports and so will stop the zarafa-gateway service from running. Please stop the cyrus-imapd service first and consider removing it as the two systems are not compatible

Thanks a lot Tim that fixed my problem since cyrus-imapd was running i just stop it and remove it after both Zarafa service started with no problme so now i can see my email coming in !!!
05:22 AM
Jimmy created a new topic Q: Automatic Proxy Setting for Google Chrome browser? in the forums.

I am exploring non-transparent content filtering in my home network using ClearOS 6.5.0.

The first item on my agenda was to define automatic proxy configuration using WPAD. Managed to get it working in OSX with Safari browser. But not for OSX/Chrome.

Read about the need to to define a new MIME type in this post.

But I assume this post was for 5.n as it mentions webconfig running on port 80. In 6.5.0 the file is pulled from port 82 (which works perfect for my 'wpac.dat' file).

The resolution seems to be to create a config file called 'wpad.conf', but in which directory should this be stored?

Thanks in advance!

01:13 AM
2 days ago
Thanh Chung created a new topic Config ClamAV in the forums.
Hi all

My network have clients using antivirus software, it can't update because Virus scan blocked.
How to configs clamav except an ip ?

Sorry my english.
10:38 PM
Norbert Vargas replied to the topic Re:No SMB access with TP-Link Nic in the forums.
the nic is set up i did all that but it still dose not work i have the done the wifi yet and idose not cut the acces to the net work
11:40 AM
Peter Broch replied to the topic Re:TCP Congestion algorithm in the forums.
As I understand it Linux has it's own built-in TCP management mechanism - see here. I guess the plug-ins gives the option to override it if so wished.

Now, in response to your question, I am dull and simply do standard Linux.

My 2 cents.


04:14 AM