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Recent activities

David Clayton, John_Schaller replied to the topic Re:IPSEC VPN Capacity in the forums.
sorry to hear that all your VPN's were dropped (I hope you did this out of hours!) I think you need to have the MTU set on both sides on the tunnel at the same value. try as Nick suggests, don't do anything with a default route, and just change the MTU. If you can login to your remote router, change the MTU on that and re-start it.
10:52 PM
David Clayton replied to the topic Re: SSH problem with multiwan. in the forums.
Not an answer as such, but I have VPN access on one wan, external https on another, and ssh on the third, my view is that if I cant get in on any one I should be able to fix it on another, and if none of them work then I would be travelling to the office anyway! I think its recommend to bind ssh to a single external IP/port for security. I would choose your most reliable wan connection though!
10:47 PM
Richard George created a new topic Export email addresses ..? in the forums.
Is there an easy way to export a list of email addresses for users and groups? I want to list them in DynDNS's email user list to improve the front-end spam filtering ?
10:33 PM
Robert replied to the topic Re:Cannot send email via Relay host in the forums.
I have the same problem,

my ISP changed to SSL/TLS connection and now I can't send mails.

I get the error

server smtp.strato.de[] said: 538 5.7.11 authentication failed use ssl/tls
09:19 PM
Roberto joined the group Brazil 03:50 PM
Marc Laporte replied to the topic Re:Please consider moving to Bootstrap or Foundation at the next theme revamp in the forums.

For the record, ClearOS migration to Bootstrap is in the works:

tharok: Indeed, reducing the number of hard to maintain image files is a very good thing. SVG or fonts can be used for scalable icons that you can apply styles to (ex.: colors). Here is a page with a bunch of links & discussions on the topic: themes.tiki.org/Icons+SVG+or+Fonts

I am involved with SVG-edit, so I would love to have all the icons editable via the browser:

Best regards,

03:15 PM
Rhods created a new topic SSH problem with multiwan. in the forums.
Hi, I have a ClearOS 5.2 with 2 wan (eth0) and (eth3) and 1 lan (eth1). The problem is that when the wan link eth0 goes down, I can not access via ssh externally using the wan address of eth3. Already when the wan link eth0 is online, I can access via ssh through the wan address of eth3.
Can someone help me?
02:11 PM
Nucleus Gestion replied to the topic Re:Using external OpenLDAP server in the forums.
I don't need it to sync, I just need ClearOS to access an external LDAP server, to retrieve users and groups.

For example : for non-transparent proxy authentification
01:32 PM
Paul M. Roman created a new topic ClearOS Community release 6.6.0 Beta (Beta 1) in the forums.

Somehow I have gotten off the mainstream releases and on to a Beta version. I have been searching through the software looking for where I choose what releases I want to be on and update.

Would someone please steer me in the right direction.

Can I stay on 6.6 to Final Release and then update Final Releases after that?

Do I have to reinstall?


Great product. Thank you for your help.
11:42 AM
Peter Baldwin replied to the topic Re:WordPress for ClearOS in the forums.
Keith Osburn wrote:
Is there a way to change the install location of the webroot? I would like my wordpress to install at the base of the FQDN.... /var/www/html
Sorry for the delay - I was on holiday for most of the last couple of weeks

You can access WordPress via a hostname (e.g. wordpress.example.org) or a folder name. It would be nice to have a way to make it the default web site though (e.g. www.example.org). We're hoping to get that done before the final release.
08:49 AM
Peter Baldwin replied to the topic Re:ClearOS 7 update in the forums.
Bianca & Werner wrote:
Do you guys by any chance know what the status is of the Samba4 MIT Kerberos integration? I can't find any definite answer - the closest I can find is this link: wiki.samba.org/index.php/Samba_Next_Goal...ive_Directory_Server
RHEL 7 still doesn't support Samba 4 in AD mode. That was a BIG disappointment. We're now investigating if it's possible to deploy Samba 4 even with the Kerberos library issue.
08:45 AM
Robert replied to the topic Re:The storage thread (RAID, ZFS, BTRFS, unRAID, FlexRAID, Greyhole..,) in the forums.
Hi Bernd,

I would always prefer LVM on a raid1 instead of mirrored LVM, because the performance is better (with same result). My gut says if you run ClearOS in a virtual machine and use FreeNAS + ZFS as host the directory server still works if you give access to the virtual machine.


06:25 AM
Robert, Enzo replied to the topic Re: Cannot send email via Relay host in the forums.

I think you need to activate the encryption by adding in the main.cf:

smtp_tls_policy_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/tls_policy

and then create the file tls_policy and put in:

smtps.aruba.it:465 encrypt

then postmap tls_policy
and postfix reload

This might fix this.


05:54 AM
Zakky Kaewakson created a new topic Cannot Join Window Domain in the forums.

Can you advise me to setup Windows Network ?
Because I try to setup . My windows 8 cannot join domain.

My windows Networking :
Server Name : saiyajin
Server Comment : Saiya Planet
Home Directories : Enabled
WINS Support : Enabled

Mode : Primary Domain Controller / PDC
Windows Domain : MONSOON2
Roaming Profiles : Disabled
Logon Drive Z:
Logon Script : logon.cmd

IP :

Network Mode : Gateway Mode
Hostname : saiyajin.com
Internet Hostname :saiyajin.com
Default Domain :saiyajin.com

DNS Entry

IP Address
Hostname : saiyajin.saiyajin.com
Alias #1 : saiyajin.com

On My Windows 8 :
I added Registry about Samba fixing

IP on Windows Machine
IP :

When I change to MONSOON2 Domain I popup Login Form then I insert User/Password : winadmin

It show alert windows

The following error occured attempting to join the domain "MONSOON2"

The Specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacts.

Cannot ping MONSOON2

Can you advise me to do it done ?
03:38 AM
labdominguez uploaded a new avatar. 02:39 AM
David Clayton replied to the topic Re: Future of ClearOS? in the forums.
Hi Mike,

I would consider myself as an enterprise user, although we only use the COS box for firewall and VPN roles. I've been with Clear (and Clark Connect prior) for a number of years, I don't think there is a better package on offer at the moment in terms of ease of use and integrated features. COS has built a good reputation on the web forums for such products, and I certainly don't see it going anywhere, other than from strength to strength.

I'm sure I speak for many when I say I wish SAMBA had stopped 'debating' which authentication method was best for the previous X years, and got on with creating a compatible active directory implementation that worked 'easily' with a Windows 2003 domain. Whilst I can in no way criticise the work of volunteer developers who generously give up their free time to create a product, It annoys me slightly that I think the 'open source' community of Linux distributions has not been able to capture the ground left by the 'millions' of customers from the end of the MS SBS platform, because the lack of a fully compatible domain controller.

That aside, I think the developers of COS are doing a fantastic job, and I would like to see (similar to the adoption of Libre Office by various governments around the world), the number of SBS users increase to such a point whereby the number of active developers (and money!) reach what I call 'critical mass', I guess where it goes from a hobby to a mainstream commercial option that the 'non-technical' small and micro businesses feel they can consider as a viable option.
01:01 AM
Chris Johnson replied to the topic Re: Question about traditional development and packages in the forums.
Thanks, I've enabled clearos-core now and have it by default. Is there a recommended Fedora repo for the harder-to-find packages, e.g. mp3info that might have some chance of success? If not I'll just go for the source package and wade my way through the dependencies for building from source unless there's a better idea out here.
04:27 PM
Chris Johnson replied to the topic Re:dyndns and my dns record provided by clearos in the forums.
Re-installing and indicating its a re-install helped, but attempts to use the original DNS name on poweredbyclear.com indicate the DNS record is still in use. Presumably this means I'm fine.

If that is correct, then this was a very dumb thread to have started, and I'd love to have the moderator simply purge it completely!

11:32 AM
Mike Edwards replied to the topic Re: Future of ClearOS? in the forums.
Yeah, I have a full support package. Looking forward to Samba4 getting rolled in soon, Based on your response (and total number of posts), I take it you are quite comfortable with the distro and don't see it going away anytime soon?
11:30 AM