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07:05 AM
Gaetan created a new topic AD Plugin in the forums.
I am currently testing the AD plugin - I did connect into our Windows 20008 AD without any issue.
All groups & users were imported fine.
But I have an issue with it when I add a Group Unit in the AD - then ClearOS does not get the latest update AD listing (despite clicking "Reload Cache".

Can someone help ?

06:58 AM
Philippe Eveleigh replied to the topic Re:Squirrelmail on clearos - good blacklist or block sender pluggin in the forums.
Nov 25 01:03:37 pamela sieve[17533]: executed
Nov 25 01:03:37 pamela sieve[17533]: accepted connection
Nov 25 01:03:37 pamela sieve[17533]: Lost connection to client -- exiting

Could we be mislead, the verbosity of these messages are weak, it accepted the connection and then the lost connection.
The plugin might be unhappy about something else?

Do you have a folder for the sieve server and the access privileges?:


05:36 AM
Arnaud replied to the topic Re:NTFS-3G suddenly failed to mount USB disk in the forums.
Sorry, I cannot apply what was said in this thread because my system is i686 and cannot find corresponding packages ...
04:08 AM
Dirk Broekstra created a new topic owncloud installation in the forums.
I installed owncloud form Marketplace after having been trying to install it in the past..

At a certain point I got an error message telling me that the accountmanager could not start up. An LDAP problem.

It seemed it had something to do with the owncloud.schema file.

I app-uninstalled owncloud restored a system backup as per forum-advice. I deleted the content of the file and ldap started normally.

However, after installing owncloud agein I don´t see any possibility to activate owncloud per user via the system/user UI

The file owncloud.schema is still without code and I suspect this has consequences.

I found code at code.clearfoundation.com/svn/comp.php?re...p;compare[]=%2F@6167 and put this in the owncloud.schema file.

However ldap will not start correcly.

As a newby I´ m obvisiously doing something wrong

Any ideas how to solve this?

thanks in advance.
01:57 AM
James Joseph created a new topic Windows machine resolving clearos with external IP in the forums.
I thought this was just a random issue but this has happened to three clients now one using clearos 5.2 the other two using clearos 6.5

When pinging the server name it's not the internal IP address it's the public one.

I've done release, flushdns, renew still external. I've deleted the dhcp entry in clearos and got a new IP address still same issue. It doesn't seem like clearos has any problems but I've ended up manually adding in the host file the internal IP address for the server on that machine.

It's not happening to all computers in the office just one particular one for each site.

Has anyone else encountered this problem before and knows how to resolve it?
01:09 AM
Johnny Brusevold created a new topic snort cpu load high with single file transfer in the forums.

I have some trouble with snort and download single file (Snort IPS)

When my download exides 60-63 Mbit/s, snort use 100% cpu, and it take a cople of minutes to log in to clearos box (too busy)

Shuting down snort give me 75 Mbit/s transfer rate on same file.

is it possible to configure snort to not monitor single hi speed downloads ?

Core2duo 2.6 gHz
4 GB ram
Intel pro gbit net card

to slow cpu or too little mem ?
12:04 AM
Claus replied to the topic Re:How to compile shell script to run with local firewall in ClearOS6.5 in the forums.

I don't have a file that is called firewall.local, is this a file I can make and will this run when firewall is restarted
I only have a file call firewall.conf and in this you can't edit by hand
i want the script to run when the firwall is restarted also if my wan is goning Down and it comes up
in a short time and the firewall will startup

09:41 AM
Branislav Susila replied to the topic Re:FTP - no configuration for port 21? in the forums.
Thank you very much.
That solved the problem. My mistake was that I first installed flexshare app, added flexshares and only then I installed ftp app (forgetting to go and edit flexshare again).
09:12 AM
LinuxPusher2 I spend all my free time Pushing Linux to everyone I meet. I am a bit fanatical about the Freedom to Choose. 08:37 AM
ricardo, Richard George replied to the topic Re:Problem with thunderbird and clearos only proxy and firewall function in the forums.
ip show is my lan ip not wan (i am in restructure lan network and after change all ip, new in entreprise)
07:44 AM
Philip Slack replied to the topic Re:Squirrelmail on clearos - good blacklist or block sender pluggin in the forums.
Hello Philippe,
Thank you for your suggestion but I'm generally only courageous if I have no other choice! I'll keep it in
mind but trying first to use the block_sender plugin as originally designed if possible.
07:34 AM
Richard George, Mike Hancock replied to the topic Re:Setting up Web Server in the forums.
Mike Hancock wrote:
I am trying to setup a small webserver using clearos 5 as a gateway server.

My COS 6.5 installation reports the webserver as 1.5.22-1 (possibly due to updates)
07:15 AM
Dirk Broekstra replied to the topic Re: users and groups: oops no such object ldap corrupt? in the forums.
Thank you Nick for your reply.

I did a restore earlier and got an error- message about owncloud.schema file not being correct.

I emptied this file of code and did a restore agein as per your advice and voila: it works again.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Have a good weekend
05:09 AM
Ben Chambers replied to the topic Re:Does installing ClearOS on a new server means repay all apps in the forums.
See here.

04:43 AM
Billy Smith replied to the topic Re:Plex Port Forward in the forums.
Many thanks Nick, I think that 250 rule was a typo

Got it working after I add the rule in the port forward.
02:52 AM
ricardo created a new topic Problem with thunderbird and clearos only proxy and firewall function in the forums.

I newbie in clearos, i've succesfull configure network and proxy works fine with browser and user authenticate.

My problem is use thunderbird to send mail not found server smtp. I've open port 587 in incoming firewall clearos and port forwarding to ip send mail but not work.

I've don't see where the problem.

Thank you for help and sorry for my english.
01:31 AM
2 days ago
Billy Smith replied to the topic Re:Plex Port Forward in the forums.
In the post I said I tried this and it failed to open.

This was done with no manual rule
11:44 PM