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Recent activities

Ricardo Granados replied to the topic Re:Lost password and a not valid e-mail address in the forums.
I have exactly the same problem ClearCenter, was working very well and remember the password, this changed suddenly and I could not validate the mail or enter ClearCenter to configure my google apps domain. Hopefully someone could help urgently because I'm not using my mail and I only have an email from hotmail: solar_grupo_ind@hotmail.com. I am very desperate because I do not know how to reset the password and mail this discharged on account solargi emails fail. I had to discharge me as another user rgranadost to present my problem in the forum.
02:31 PM
Aaron Bylund and Ricardo Granados are now connections 02:25 PM
augustynr created a new topic How to connect to the OpenVPN network through OpenVPN? in the forums.
I have two networks connected with site to site OpenVPN ( both CO6.5 )
This works fine.
I connect to one of these networks through OpenVPN client from my Windows box.
This works fine.
Though I cannot connect from my Win box to the second network?
Any idea what needs to be done?
01:42 PM
Philippe Eveleigh replied to the topic Re:Attachments for the forum in the forums.
I must becoming blind. I totally missed that one. Thanks Nic

B.T.W. The above request is for the IPSET script that I was talking previously about, it is almost ready.
11:30 AM
Philippe Eveleigh created a new topic Attachments for the forum in the forums.
I have a script that I wish to share but it is approximately 1600 lines, having no attachment capabilities on this site any suggestions?


Will code insert work with that amount of lines? 

10:00 AM
Mashhood Nasir replied to the topic Re:Configuration Clear OS for Proxy Server in the forums.
i think it is better option to replace TMG from clear-os. is it??
and one more question can clear-os provide awl the functionality as tmg is providing.??
04:01 AM
Mashhood Nasir created a new topic Installation issue need some help in the forums.
i installed clear os over vmware workstation for testing purpose.
Hardware Setting at vmware:
harddisk 15gb
NIC = 1 (set to NAT)

IP Address configuration:
IP :
Type : static
role : External
DNS: and

when i try to ping VM (clear os) from Physical machine (host).it replied the destination is unreachable and i am not able to browse clear-os machine form physical machine's web browser.
What should i have to do.???
03:57 AM
Ryan created a new topic Samba4 - No package app-samba-directory available in the forums.
Fresh install 32bit, skip app installation during wizard, following these directions:


# yum --enablerepo=clearos-test,clearos-core install app-samba-directoryLoaded plugins: clearcenter-marketplace, fastestmirror
ClearCenter Marketplace: fetching repositories...
Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile
 * clearos: mirror3-toronto.clearsdn.com
 * clearos-addons: mirror3-toronto.clearsdn.com
 * clearos-core: mirror3-toronto.clearsdn.com
 * clearos-extras: mirror3-toronto.clearsdn.com
 * clearos-test: mirror3-toronto.clearsdn.com
 * clearos-updates: mirror3-toronto.clearsdn.com
 * private-clearcenter-dyndns: download4.clearsdn.com:80
Setting up Install Process
No package app-samba-directory available.
Error: Nothing to do

Any tips?
03:28 AM
faizan replied to the topic Re:Citrix Presentation Metaframe - Unable to connect in the forums.
Yap i have disable the input rules/ open ports . but inspite of all i am facing the same issue..... same error.
02:04 AM
mihai replied to the topic Re:Alix Apu Platform in the forums.
don;t think it's an embedded version of ClearOs to work on alix platform.i see only x86
10:34 PM
faizan replied to the topic Re:Citrix Presentation Metaframe - Unable to connect in the forums.
I have not created any forwarding rule for the Citrix Server, I have just open the ports (which i have shared in previous discussions) in incoming firewall only.
06:53 PM
mihai, Philippe Eveleigh, Nicusor Brihacel replied to the topic Re:DMZ question in the forums.
let's see how it ends
01:42 PM
Nicusor Brihacel, Philippe Eveleigh replied to the topic Re:DMZ problem in the forums.
Philippe Eveleigh wrote:
This might be a similar problem to: DMZ question

Internet provider give two subnet with public ip routed by

If I throw the above subnet in the calculator. The range is not very clear to me ?

eth0 (WAN) have
eth1 (LAN)
eth2 (DMZ)
eth2:0 (DMZ)

Your configuration is leaving me a little perplex? Your problem does have a different twist seems to me like you also want to use VLAN ?

You can read more about network and subnet.

The problem is simple.

Internet provider give me 1 ip and /29 (6 IP usable) network routed on first IP.

After some time I ask provider to give another subclass. Now i want /28 (14 IP usable)

eth0 (WAN) have
eth1 (LAN)
eth2 (DMZ)
eth2:0 (DMZ)

In clearOS maybe have a little bug.

If I put another network card (eth3) and I configured in DMZ works fine.

eth0 (WAN) have
eth1 (LAN)
eth2 (DMZ)
eth3 (DMZ)

P.S. For this reason I think it is a good forum

06:58 AM
fikse replied to the topic Re: New server to replace a 5.2-server. Start from scratch, import/export, or..? in the forums.
Password is no problem. This is a small company, so I just go into each office and scream "Gimmeyourpasswordorelse!", and they just laugh of me
06:46 AM
James Joseph replied to the topic Re:Zarafa 7 Webmail - HOWTO Install and Configure in the forums.
Tim, ta I realised that after a while haha. Do you think we'll see 7.1.9 in testing in the next few months and 7.1.8 in stable?
03:17 AM
fikse created a new topic New server to replace a 5.2-server. Start from scratch, import/export, or..? in the forums.
Now it is time to upgrade both hardware and OS. After 4 years of troublefree running, the old server start gets a bit slow for more demanding users, and there is a wish for more advanced email/calendar-services.

Regarding hardware you can look at this tread., but in short terms the new server is a HP DL380 Gen8, a powerful server with spec above today's need for the company.

Regarding services our existing 5.2-server has a pretty straight-forward setup, serves as firewall, proxy with content filtering, DNS/DHCP, fileserver via flexshare, VPN, Horde email, and samba. All in one box Here is a printscreen of running services
12:02 AM
2 days ago
fikse replied to the topic Re:Upgrade a COS 5.2 to some more powerful, hardware recommendation wanted. in the forums.
Just wanted to tell that we in the end went for the HP DL380. After alot of work trying to make setups similar to the 380, there is a very small margin up to the 380. It is actually quite low priced.
Now it's just to wait for the machine to arrive, then its installation time
I'll guess I will have a long time reading in this forum for solutions/best practices to upgrade from 5.2 to the newest version..
10:58 PM
Uros replied to the topic Re: protect against brute force attacks fail2ban in the forums.
Thanks I installed it.
09:50 PM