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Foundation ClearFoundation Blog

ClearFoundation is proud to welcome Marc Laporte to the team. 

Marc has been a huge influencer in the open source space, driving new innovation & guiding transformation of free and open web applications. Marc's primary focus has been on the advancement of Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware.

We Need The Community's Help - Please Vote!

ClearOS, on behalf of the ClearFoundation has been nominated as one of the choices for this years New Zealand Open Source Awards :: People's Choice Award! 

Votes must be cast by Oct 26th.  

Simply follow this link and click on the 'thumbs up' icon next to ClearOS.  That's it!

Thanks again for the opportunity to come together to build, use and continually improve such a worthy project as ClearOS.

ClearFoundation Team.


Vote for ClearCenter here. 

Select the 'Add' link next to ClearCenter and scroll down and select 'Vote'.