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A new app from the ClearFoundation development team has been added to the Marketplace this week.  The app integrates a Dropbox client onto your ClearOS server, providing users with the ability add a Dropbox folder to their home directory on the server and have the ability to access that folder from any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop etc.) with a Dropbox sync to the same account.

The app is available free of charge.  It's pretty simple in it's configuration and inner workings (think version one dot oh) and doesn't use any Dropbox API's (a GUI-less Linux client from binaries provided by Dropbox are used), but if anyone in the community would like to add features, please connect with us to continue on with this app's development.

Documentation for the Dropbox app can be found here.

The ClearCenter team will likely be looking at GoogleDrive and Dropbox for Teams in the near future for cloud based file storage/sync for our end-users in companies, education, distributed enterprise and government.

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Ruud Schoonderbeek
Great addition, Dropbox sync.
written by Ruud Schoonderbeek , November 17, 2012
Hi all, this is fun. Works like a charm.

Question, can I use / adapt this plugin for Box.com?

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