ClearFoundation Team Welcomes: Marc Laporte

Posted by: Devin Johnson

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ClearFoundation is proud to welcome Marc Laporte to the team. 

Marc has been a huge influencer in the open source space, driving new innovation & guiding transformation of free and open web applications. Marc's primary focus has been on the advancement of Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware.

Marc will be focusing on and managing continued ClearFoundation community involvement and representation with other open source communities. He will be key in the development of a ClearOS based CMS (Content Management System) and UCS (Unified Communication System).

Please join with us in welcoming Marc Laporte.



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Marcel van Leeuwen
written by Marcel van Leeuwen , April 08, 2014
Congratulations Marc on your new job!

I'm correct when saying your also the new community manager? If so i think this is good. The community is a bit floating right now. I think we should not follow Zentyal where important community members leave the project.

What about the CMS? It's the intention that ClearOS will have there own CMS or sort of back-end which Windows Server Essentials has?

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Marc Laporte
written by Marc Laporte , April 08, 2014
Thanks Marcel!

"community manager" is a bit of a weird title, no?, like cat herder :-)

Never mind titles for now, but I will be more & more active :-) I want to get more people involved and for the active people to be able to contribute more.

For the CMS: we will be making it increasingly easy to install & maintain Content Management & Collaboration tools with ClearOS.

Best regards,

M ;-)
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