ClearOS Community 6.5.0 Now Available!

Posted by: Peter Baldwin

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ClearOS Community 6.5.0 is now available!  Along with the usual round of bug fixes and enhancements, the 6.5.0 release introduces QoS, Marketplace enhancements, a Network Detail Report, an Administrators app, official Amazon EC2 Support, a Software RAID Manager, a Network Map tool, UPnP Support, an updated Web Server app, as well as new reporting features.

Under the hood, some changes were made to support OwnCloud as well as web-based applications (Tiki Wiki, WordPress, Joomla, etc.).

Release Notes
32-bit ISO (MD5Sum: 33bd324b037e6b1250ce0a6708fff6b4)
64-bit ISO (MD5Sum: 863bb642248868afdcaa7db876786d1d)





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written by CarpelDMK , December 20, 2013
Where is this admin panel we've been waiting for forever?
There's even pictures of it in system/settings/admin - but it's not there!
A server without admin control is like a door without a door knob!
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Peter Baldwin
What's an admin panel?
written by Peter Baldwin , December 21, 2013
Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean by "ADMIN PANEL". Are you referring to the "Administrators" app that lets you delegate access to other users?
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Admin Panel?
written by douggmc , December 21, 2013
Perhaps he is referring to this:

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Rodrigo Lozada
Early Cristmas
written by Rodrigo Lozada , December 24, 2013
Thank you Santa!

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