Access Netflix, Hulu, and Pandora with the New ibVPN App

Posted by: Darryl Sokoloski

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If you are outside the United States, you know the frustration of getting locked out from content providers like Hulu, Netflix, Pandora and others. With ClearOS and the new ibVPN app, you can now invisibly and securely access these services.

Using the ClearOS Marketplace, install the ibVPN app on your ClearOS gateway and start routing devices on your local network via your favorite country: US, Canada, UK, and many more. For example, an Apple TV system can be routed through the US while leaving other systems on the network as is. Here's how it works.

- Install the app from the ClearOS Marketplace
- Sign up for an account from ibVPN (link includes an affiliate ID... beer money)
- Configure your ibVPN settings in the ClearOS app
- Select the country VPN server (US, UK, Canada, etc)
- Specify the devices on your network that should go through ibVPN



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James Joseph
written by James Joseph , April 18, 2013
Great stuff guys this might be worth getting for home then so I can watch the american netflix (uk one is terrible). Keep it up with the updates on the front page too it's good to see some more communication from the dev's by this blog spots.
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billy elliott
written by billy elliott , January 16, 2014
Dunno who got this idea but it is a good one and I sincerely wish streamingvpn all success. Watching Netflix in Afghanistan is not an out of the world idea. Thank god for small blessings.
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